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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Thursday, August 28, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Iraq: girl suicide bomber may have been forced into it by husband's "female relatives"

And you thought your in-laws were bad. "Girl suicide bomber shows 'al Qaeda's desperation,'" from the New Zealand Herald, August 27:Police say they wanted to show "the desperate level al Qaeda has reached" when they released video footage of...

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MILF murders government ceasefire monitor

...which apparently indicates that the ceasefire is over -- as if that weren't obvious already. "MILF rebels execute govÂ't ceasefire monitor," from AFP, August 28 (thanks to Mackie): Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) guerrillas have executed a member of the...

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"We have a message: Muslim Americans are as American as apple pie"

"'We have a message: Muslim Americans are as American as apple pie,' Lalani said. 'Ignoring us is the politics of exclusion and exclusion, I would suggest, is un-American.'" Fine. I don't want to ignore Muslim Americans. I want to ask...

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Ambushed French patrol may have been betrayed by its Afghan interpreter

As I have pointed out many, many times, there is no reliable way to distinguish a peaceful Muslim from an actual or potential jihadist. There is no Islamic group anywhere in the world that has pronounced takfir upon Muslims who...

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Muslim Brotherhood denies links to American Muslim groups -- but its leader says otherwise

Taqiyya Alert: In an editorial on the Brotherhood's own site, Ikhwan web, Khaled Salam claims that "Islamophobes" are responsible for linking the Muslim Brotherhood with American Muslim groups. "Muslim Brotherhood Hits the Obama Campaign Trail," by Khaled Salam for IkhwanWeb,...

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Muslim Obama supporter declares white people deserve and want to have their ears and noses cut off, and that Muslims shouldn't worry, "because God wants you to do it"

More Islamist skeletons in Obama's closet? And you thought Rev. Jeremiah Wright was bad? Wait till you see what this Obama supporter has to say about whitey. And then they wonder why Obama keeps distancing himself (at least publicly) from...

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Canadian intelligence officials ask Muslim leaders for help, get none

What are the implications of this for the idea that the jihadists constitute a Tiny Minority of Extremists among Muslims? Why, none, of course. The article here seems to consider the possibility only that Canadian officials have alienated the Muslim...

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It's a wonderful life...in Iran: Iranian propaganda tent outside DNC

Looking at the Left (thanks to Pamela) has this one and more pictures of the Iranian exhibit outside the DNC, in the shadow of the Colorado state capital building. Zombie has more at LGF. The exhibit is devoted to...

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"One day, there will be a Caliphate in Europe"

A Muslim in Europe says 9/11 was justified and discusses the Muslims' plans for Europe. This video has been up for awhile, but it has just been posted today at Islam in Europe, where I saw it (thanks to...

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Thug-In-Chief: "The Zionist regime has always shown that it only understands the language of the gun"

Yet another example of the projection and displacement of responsibility that we see so often from Muslim leaders: the Israelis have made concession after concession, endeavoring to show good faith for negotiations for a lasting peace, while both Fatah and...

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Spencer: Obama bin Biden Ends War On Terror

"See that guy Spencer, Barack? He thinks he's Freakin' Batman!" Now, don't get all excited about the title of this article. I'm not saying that Obama and Biden are like Osama bin Laden. (But just try saying that last...

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Sharia finance on Fox News

Here is Allyson Rowan Taylor of Shariah Finance Watch, discussing the phenomenon on Fox News. It is surprising and encouraging to see this topic aired on TV news at this juncture -- bravo, Allyson!...

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Pakistani villagers rise up against Taliban

Backlash. "Pakistan: Border Villages Rise Up Against Taliban," by Ashfaq Yusufzai for IPS, August 26 (thanks to Will): PESHAWAR, Aug 26 (IPS) - "We are trend-setters. Others are following us," boasts Rauf Khan, mayor of PakistanÂ's Buner district, where villagers...

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U.K.: Convert to Islam is fourth arrest in plot against Brown, Blair

Confirmed: Not a Methodist, in an update on this story. Just another "misunderstander" of Islam, and one more misguided interior spiritual struggler in the ranks of the Tiny Minority of Extremists. "White Muslim convert arrested over 'Gordon Brown assassination plot',"...

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Counter-terror officials "increasingly concerned" about Hizballah activity in Venezuela

No word on how long that concern has been present, or increasing. But we reported on this here in 2006. "Hezbollah presence in Venezuela feared," by Chris Kraul and Sebastian Rotella for the Los Angeles Times, August 26: BOGOTA, COLOMBIA...

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Pakistan: Attack in Peshawar targeted principal officer of U.S. Consulate

More on this story, and an update on Taliban encroachment in and around Peshawar: It looks like the latest truce between Pakistan and the Taliban, signed in July, is yielding familiar results. "U.S. Diplomat Attacked in Peshawar," by Jane Perlez...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Buffalo: Principal of Islamic school ousted after taking student as second "wife"

Many aspects of this story raise an eyebrow, but one item in particular is that "Interviews with several Muslims reveal a mixed view on additional marriages under Islamic law. Some said it is not allowed under United States law and...

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Russia: bank cards with zero annual percent now available to Muslims

Leave it to the Russians to shrewdly give in to sharia, only to profit. "First Bank Cards for Muslims Issued in Russia," from IC, August 27:For the first time ever in the banker history in Russia special plastic cards for...

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Dad Arrested for Kidnapping Daughter to Stop Marriage to Non-Muslim

Islamic law, of course, forbids a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man. Sharia Alert: "Dad Arrested for Kidnapping Daughter to Stop Marriage to Non-Muslim," from AP, August 27: FRANKFURT, Germany — Prosecutors in Stuttgart say they have charged a...

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Sharia law firm represented by porn stars

Just another example of the hypocrisy sharia legalism breeds. On the one hand, the Muslim in this story makes it a point to follow the letter of the law, by wanting all women to wear burqas (to preserve their "modesty"),...

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Swiss government pro-minaret

And why not? Surely Muslims allow churches to flourish and tower high in Dar al-Islam, allowing Christians to exclaim five times a day, on megaphones, that "Jesus is the Son of God!" Oh, they don't; oh, some Muslim nations don't...

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Egyptian convert from Islam to Christianity: "My family has threatened me with death"

As Muhammad said, baddala deenahu faqtuhulu: If anyone changes his religion, kill him. "An Egyptian Muslim's long journey towards Christianity," from AFP, August 25 (thanks to all who sent this in): CAIRO (AFP) — Maher al-Gohari converted to Christianity 30...

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