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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Saturday, August 16, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Savage drops lawsuit against CAIR after death threats

"CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said the Islamic organization had 'nothing whatsoever' to do with any threats and that any allegations to that effect would be 'scurrilous.'" Of course, Ibrahim. And you and your allies know all about scurrilous death threat...

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Raymond Ibrahim: Today in History, Constantinople saves Western Civilization from Islam

Since certain Muslim media are fond of rehashing old history, reminding Muslims of the Â"atrocitiesÂ" committed by the hated Crusader—past and present—it seems only logical that we here in the West also remember the past. Today in history, Christendom...

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Jihadists plot fatal pies in the face

David Horowitz, pied in 2005: the next one could be fatal Leftist pie-throwers are always a risk on campus, but the next pie could kill. "Jury told of cake-throwing terror tactic," by Margaret Scheikowski for AAP, August 15 (thanks...

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Diana West: Roars about Russia, Nary a Whisper about Islam

An extraordinarily perceptive and important observation. "Roars about Russia, Nary a Whisper about Islam," by Diana West, August 15: [...] Historical memory somewhat refreshed, Western media were ready with the headlines -- "The evil empire is back"; "Welcome to the...

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Dog bites jihadist!

Dogs are indeed shunned as unclean in Islamic tradition. Will this lead to an outpouring an indignation by "moderates," and a subsequent renunciation of the use of dogs by U.S. forces in Afghanistan? Given today's lunatic PC environment, that isn't...

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UK: Three Methodists arrested after anti-terror swoop at airport -- no, wait...

OK, so it still wasn't Methodists. Actually "the men are of Asian origin," and when the Brits say "Asian," they don't mean "South Korean." But remember: the Bible is just as violent as the Qur'an. Every religion has its crazies....

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Iran's Quds Force training Iraqi Shi'ite jihadists who fled spring crackdown to return, resume attacks

A story posted in April noted that "The Quds Force have played it all, political, military, intelligence, economic. They are Iranian foreign policy in Iraq." Here is more on the military angle. "U.S.: Iraqi Shiite Terror Squads Receiving Training in...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Muslims pressure radio station regarding Coptic priest Zakaria Botros' "rants" about Muhammad

And the radio station complies. There is perhaps no one person that "radicals" despise as much as Father Zakaria Botros. I first described him and his ministry here (be sure to click on links that go to important video...

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Finland: Muslims want their own graveyards

It's one thing to move to non-Muslim lands and benefit off infidels -- but being buried alongside them is highly undesirable. "Muslims looking for land to set up cemetery near Helsinki," from Helsingin Sanomat, August 16:The Finnish Islamic Council...

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Danish Intelligence to ban words like "jihad," "Islamism," "fundamentalism," and "mujahidin"

Deja vu. Is this "atonement" for the dreaded cartoons? "Denmark tries to clean up terror talk," from UPI, August 15:COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Aug. 15 (UPI) -- The Danish Intelligence Agency has introduced new guidelines for discussing terrorism, advising authorities to avoid...

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Egypt: sharia-approved female swimsuits "not practical"

There's always the option of taking a dip in the water in full hijab, which I've personally witnessed several times. "Veil shed for bikini on Egypt's women-only beaches," from AFP, August 15:MARINA, Egypt (AFP) — Islamic hymns fade out giving...

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The Sun retracts story about Muslim bus driver

On March 29, I posted this story about a Muslim bus driver who allegedly halted his bus in the middle of his route so that he could pray. The story came from the UK Sun, which today has retracted the...

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U.S. Holocaust Museum removes whitewashed biography of Mufti of Jerusalem

The Mufti of Jerusalem and friend I'd like to know who was responsible for this biography of al-Husseini that portrayed him as a "moderate supporter of non-violence." We have seen many times how jihadists and their allies whitewash history...

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