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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Wednesday, August 13, 2008

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Captured female al-Qaeda jihadist had "treasure trove" of potential targets and other data

An update on this story. "Alleged Mata Hari of Al Qaeda Could Provide 'Treasure Trove' of Intelligence," by Richard Esposito and Brian Ross for ABC News, August 12: When she was arrested in Afghanistan last month, Aafia Siddique allegedly had...

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Taliban declares "open war," claims bombing in Pakistan

"The escalation in violence raised new doubt about the government's controversial policy of negotiating for peace with Islamic militants." Uh huh. "Taliban claims bombing in Pakistan; up to 14 dead," by Riaz Khan for the Associated Press, August 12 (thanks...

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Commander of NATO force in Afghanistan: "A Counter-Insurgency Takes a Long Time, Longer than We Thought"

"Historically, the average time for a counter-insurgency campaign to be conducted with a successful outcome has been 14 years." He doesn't say how he arrived at this number, but given his unwillingness and that of his colleagues to consider the...

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Mauritania: "We warn Muslims to be wary of all forms of unbeliever democracy, because they are just a ploy by the Zionist-Crusader alliance to trick you," says al-Qaeda

Indeed, democracy truly irks al-Qaeda. Ayman Zawahiri himself, writing nearly twenty years ago in his book The Bitter Harvest and after expounding on the antithetical nature of democracy to Islam, concludes, "Thus whoever claims to be a 'democratic-Muslim' or a...

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"Anti-terror" Pakistani pol just another Islamic supremacist

I noted here yesterday the statement by Pakistan's Chief Minister of the North West Frontier Province, Ameer Haider Khan Hoti: Â"Every religion believe in peace and are against violence and terrorism and they are a major source of teaching and...

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Al-Qaeda's #3 man (by default) slain

Another one bites the dust. While this adversely affects that temporal entity known as al-Qaeda (which is good), it does not influence the eternal notion of jihad (which is bad). "Senior al Qaeda leader killed in Pakistan," by Saad Khan...

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NATO general: "There certainly is a level of ISI complicity in the militant areas in Pakistan and organisations such as the Taliban"

More on Pakistan's little problem with the ISI, and the need to "weed out" Taliban supporters (no doubt a Tiny Minority of Extremists). "Pakistan intelligence helping Taliban: NATO general," by Bronwen Roberts for Agence France-Presse, August 10: KABUL (AFP) -...

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Denmark: Trial begins for jihadists caught on video preparing "martyrdom" operation

An update on this story. "Trial begins in Denmark against terror suspects," by Jan M. Olsen for the Associated Press, August 11: COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Two alleged Islamic militants accused of preparing a bomb attack went on trial in Denmark...

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Five suspected jihadists to face judge in Italy

More on this story. "Italy: Five suspected jihadist terrorists to be questioned in Bologna," from Adnkronos International, August 11: Bologna, 11 August (AKI) - Five suspected jihadist terrorists accused of sending fighters to Afghanistan and Iraq will on Tuesday be...

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***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
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Random House unrepentant of dhimmi behavior

Update to this story. "Random US: no regrets over Islam book," by Philip Jones, from the Book Seller, August 12:Random House US has said that it has no regrets about pulling out of publication of Sherry Jones' Islam-inspired romantic novel,...

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"Moderate" Muslim defends jizya and apologizes for the Hamayouni decree, which curtails the building of churches

And, while he's at it, incredulously asks: "Is There Religious Discrimination in Egypt? [2]," by Ismail Imadudeen for the California Chronicle, August 12:The Hamayouni Decree and Tax Payment [Al-Jizyath] 'Copts want the antiquated 19th Century Hamayouni decree be abolished. It...

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CNN Avoids Mentioning Islam in Segment on 'Honor Killings'

No surprise here. But the only victims of this politically correct silence will be women who are victimized by honor killings while no one calls Muslim communities to account to do anything about this problem. A manual of Islamic law...

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Saudi Arabia: Mother attempts to block 8-year-old daughter's marriage to man in his fifties

"According to human rights lawyers, there are many cases of this kind before the Saudi courts." "Saudi Arabia: Mother moves to block child marriage," from Adnkronos International, August 11: Riyadh, 11 August (AKI) - The Saudi Arabian mother of an...

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