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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Chechen leader: Male relatives were right to shoot women with "loose morals"

"The Kremlin has given him its staunch backing, seeing him as the key to keeping the separatists in check, and that has allowed him to impose his will." Sharia Alert, and Myopia in Moscow. "Chechen leader imposes strict brand of...

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Daniel Pearl's father: Antisemitism rising on campuses, administrators doing little or nothing

"The verbal abuse is there, the intimidation is there, the feeling of helplessness is there, not only among students but among faculty." And Judea Pearl doesn't say so, but it is coming from Muslim students and their Leftist allies....

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Wilders event last night in Washington: the $25 banana!

Bostom, Wilders, Spencer, Geller: "The Four Horsemen of the Counterjihad"! Last night Geert Wilders spoke at the Omni Shoreham hotel in Washington, DC -- the site of CPAC. Pamela Geller organized a gala event that was sponsored by the...

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The Evils of Islamic Political Ideology: Suppression of Women

Here is part two of Alyssa A. Lappen's interview of Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs at Right Side News (part one is here). In this segment they discuss a longstanding focus of Jihad Watch: Islamic law's institutionalized discrimination against women,...

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Fitzgerald: Building That Bridge Over The River Kwai, Or, Why Are We In Afghanistan?

The very idea that because Al Qaeda was based in Afghanistan, Afghanistan has a special, irreplaceable importance in the "war against terrorism," is false. In the first place, the fact that Al Qaeda found Afghanistan under the Taliban (a Taliban...

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How U.S. Islamic advocacy groups trump up controversy to advance the stealth jihad agenda

Extraordinarily important observations about a phenomenon that has been far too little noted by law enforcement and government officials. "Are Acts of Staged Controversy an Islamist Strategic Tactic?," by Madeleine Gruen and Edward Sloan for IPT News, February 27: [...]...

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Police in Scotland ordered to give special priority to crimes where the victims are Muslim

Because, you see, this will keep them from becoming "radicalized" -- i.e., turning to jihad. Living in a society that treats all equally before the law is not enough: Muslims have to be placed in a special class with rights...

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Bombarded Somali government goes dhimmi

The government is "saddened" by the AU peacekeepers' assertive measures vis-a-vis the Islamists, who, as opposed to the former, intentionally and repeatedly kill and terrorize Somali civilians -- with, of course, nary a word from the Somali government (yes, Somalia...

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"We will continue to pursue Mr. al-Marri's case before the Supreme Court to make sure that no American citizen or lawful resident will ever again be subjected to such treatment"

Even though he "pledged to do his [Bin Laden's] bidding in the United States" Ali al-Marri update. "U.S. indictment of enemy combatant unsealed," by John Schwartz for IHT, February 27 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):Ali al-Marri, the only prisoner considered...

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Malaysia: Chair of Islamic Dawah Foundation calls on gov't to rescind permission for Catholic paper to use "Allah," lest it anger Muslims worldwide

Why would the chair of the Islamic Dawah Foundation be upset about this? After all, Qur'an 29:46 says: "And argue not with the People of the Scripture unless it be in (a way) that is better, save with such of...

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Obama administration looking to give Pakistan more money

Actually, a blank check would do very nicely, thank you Even though Pakistan is constantly demonstrating its duplicitous nature, its Islamist zeal, including its greater interest to battle India as opposed to its own homegrown terrorists -- here is...

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Taliban attacks school bus

After all, it contained Shias, and "the hardline Sunni Taleban say they consider the Shias heretical." More blatantly dishonorable jihadi behavior. "Pakistan Shia children 'attacked'," from BBC, February 27:Taleban gunmen in north-west Pakistan have attacked a school bus, killing the...

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Unindicted co-conspirator in terror funding case complains about FBI informants in mosques

What do you think CAIR's objective is here? Obviously they want the FBI to stop placing informants in mosques, and to trust their assurances that they will help them with anti-terror efforts. Yet CAIR has opposed every anti-terror initiative that...

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Pakistan: Charges filed against men who kidnapped Christian sisters, but police ignore arrest order

An update on this story, and another manifestation of a much broader problem in Pakistan: The increasingly strident unwillingness to respect and enforce the rule of secular law. And it is causing them to lose (or give up) ever-larger swathes...

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