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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Thursday, March 12, 2009

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9/11 defendants: "We ask to be near to God, we fight you and destroy you and terrorize you. The Jihad in god's cause is a great duty in our religion."

Note the forthright avowals that the Book of Peace itself commands them to fight against unbelievers simply because they are unbelievers ("it would have been the greatest religious duty to fight you over your infidelity"). Note also the invitation to...

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Canadian town honors Aqsa Parvez, honor killing victim!

Some time ago Pamela Geller began to take up a collection to provide honor killing victim Aqsa Parvez with a headstone -- at present Aqsa lies in an unmarked grave, plot #774 in Meadowvale Cemetery in Brampton, Ontario. I...

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UK jihadist protesters say they will target soldiers returning from Iraq again

Good thing the Brits didn't let Geert Wilders into the country to stir up intercommunity strife, eh? More on this story. "'Disgraceful' Islamist protesters plan to target more soldiers returning from Iraq," by David Byers and Steve Bird in...

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The silent exodus of Jewish refugees from Muslim lands

Here is the trailer for the superb filmmaker Pierre Rehov's Silent Exodus. Silent Exodus was selected at the International Human Rights Film Festival of Paris in 2004 and presented at the UN Geneva Human Rights Annual Convention that same...

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Biden the Mathematician: 5% "incorrigible" Taliban + 25% on the fence = 70% "moderate"

Moreover, 1+1=2! According to the vice president -- and don't ask where he came up with these precise numbers -- only 5% of the Taliban is "incorrigible" (i.e., are determined jihadis); 25% are on the fence, sort of; the...

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Pakistani jihadi organization targeting U.S.

Responsible for the recent Mumbai attacks, the LeT organization -- which, as this report insists, is made up of "disaffected youth" -- seems to have a keen interest in the Washington area, New York, California and Georgia. And, as the...

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International jihadist thuggery: Sudanese Sharia expert calls for death of International Criminal Court prosecutor

Because he issued a warrant for the arrest of the genocidal Sudanese President. You'd think that as a lecturer on Sharia, he would know the true Islamic teachings of peace that would rule this sort of thing out. "Sudanese Lecturer...

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Spencer: Victory at Facebook?

An update on this story can be found at FrontPage....

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Hillary pretends the Palestinian Authority is already a state

And plays into Palestinian teens' victimhood attitudinizing. "Clinton Hints to Arab Teens PA is Already a Sovereign State," by Hana Levi Julian for Israel National News, March 11 (IsraelNN.com) United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told children in...

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Afghanistan: Another ex-Guantanamo inmate turns up on the battlefield

Another Gitmo Recidivism Update. "Officials: Afghanistan Taliban leader was at Gitmo," by Pamela Hess for the Associated Press, March 10: WASHINGTON – The Taliban's new top operations officer in southern Afghanistan had been a prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay detention...

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Somali cabinet endorses plan to impose sharia law

An update on this story. Will the government's brand of sharia be "moderate?" According to what sort of definition? And will it really bring peace? The government has capitulated to the jihadists by imposing Islamic law -- that, after all,...

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Italy: "Islamists" are main terrorist threat

The data... it's Islamophobic! But the Internet is cited as the source of "radicalization," along with "charismatic individuals." The Internet may provide a means of communication, networking, and propagating information, but the web sites and ringleaders have chapter and verse...

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Grand jury convenes in FBI terror case against Minneapolis Muslims, mosque

The Somali faithful at the mosque in question "[I]nvestigators are trying to determine who organized the missing group of men [who went a jihading in Somalia], who financed them and how were they recruited" -- all to which their...

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