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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Thursday, March 19, 2009

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No apology necessary, Mr. Parker, and thank you

Jihad Watch reader Rob has kindly alerted me to this extraordinary post at Sameer Parker's "Just Your Average Muslim" blog: Apologies To Robert Spencer Posted March 17, 2009 I started this site as a refutation of Robert Spencer and so-called...

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Pakistan: "Religious extremists" murder Ahmadiyya man and pregnant wife

"In an era where freedom of religion and belief is accepted as a basic human right throughout the world it is of disbelief that Ahmadi Muslims are being murdered for no other reason than their choice of religion." Right. Yet...

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Al-Qaeda detainees go on hunger-strike

Oxymoron: "Jihadi hunger strike" These jihadists apparently are confused as to the role of hunger strikes -- generally, a form of peaceful protest, whereby one submits to self-suffering, as opposed to attacking others. However, when one plots death, destruction,...

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Defenders of Muslim cleric who married 12-year-old say the marriage was "legal under Islam"

Man and child -- I mean, "wife" What would these "civic groups" say to the prophet of Islam's marriage to a 9 year old -- when he was 54? More on this story, noted earlier today by Robert. "Muslim...

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Johnny Taliban to begin enjoying a "gradual easing of restrictions"

Thanks in part to Obama's nominee to lead the Justice Department's Civil Division. "Prison Officials Are Loosening Restrictions on Taliban Supporter," by Carrie Johnson for the Washington Post, March 18 (thanks to Ted):Prison officials are easing restrictions on John...

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Â"Islam...is a religion of progress, civilization, justice, equality and freedomÂ"

Of course! Just like in...uh...Pakistan! Or...Iran! Or...uh... From our Assertions Without Evidence Department comes this. Unfortunately, if the OIC gets its way at the UN and succeeds in imposing its will upon the free (for now) West, it will become...

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Indonesia: Muslim cleric faces 15 years in prison for marrying 12-year-old

It is good to see that he faces prison for this, when child marriage is broadly tolerated in Afghanistan and other areas of the Islamic world, but where did this Islamic cleric, Pujiono Cayho Widiyanto, get the idea that such...

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New York: "Man" convicted of conspiracy to murder Americans

Just a "man" who supported a "terrorist group." Why? No telling -- not from AP. The motives and goals of Tareq Mousa al-Ghazi, "extradited from Romania," appear not to be fit to print. "NY jury convicts man in terrorism-arms conspiracy,"...

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The war on "man-caused disasters"

But what if the jihadist is a woman? We're not fighting a War On Terror anymore. And we certainly aren't fighting a defensive action against the global jihad and/or Islamic supremacism. No, what we're doing is fighting a War...

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US Muslim groups threaten to cut ties with FBI

Because of the FBI's use of an informant inside a mosque. Go ahead, fellows! Cut off all contact with the Feds! Show the FBI a thing or two! "US Muslim Groups Mull FBI Boycott," by Muhammed Qasim for Islam Online,...

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Yemen: Jihad against Koreans continues

Here is a sequel to the tourist jihad attack against a group of South Koreans in Yemen a few days ago. No doubt this is happening because South Korea continues its illegal, unconscionable, genocidal occupation of Palestinian land. "Terrorism: Yemen;...

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Objective journalism: CNN reporter berates Israeli Knesset member as "fascist"

From Tom Gross Media (thanks to Ruth King): On March 3, 2009, former CNN producer Nidal Rafa launches a verbal tirade against Yisrael Beiteinu MK Danny Ayalon following a debate in Jerusalem between Ayalon and Balad MK Jamal Zahlaka...

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Islamic religion teacher in Brussels disputes Nazi camp survivor testimony

We have seen this line from Islamic spokesmen before: the Holocaust didn't happen, and if it did, it was good. "Islamic religion teacher in Brussels disputes Nazi camp survivor testimony," by Maud Swinnen for the European Jewish Press, March 17...

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Russia: Yes, we're selling missiles to Iran

Russia continues its short-sighted support of the Iranian jihad. "Reports: Russia confirms Iran missile contract," from AP, March 18 (thanks to Louis): MOSCOW – Russian news agencies cited a top defense official Wednesday as confirming that a contract to sell...

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Did Hillary Clinton's playing-down of human rights concerns lead to more persecution of Christians in Egypt?

The article is not in perfect English, but it is clear enough. "Clintons' Human Rights Statement in Egypt Leads to More Killing of Christian Copts," by Rafique Iscandar for Christian News Wire via AINA, March 17: During her first visit...

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Holocaust Museum whitewashing bio of Hitler's Mufti -- again

Last August the Holocaust Museum Watch site reported that this whitewashed biography of Hitler's Mufti had been removed. But now it is back. Is the Holocaust Museum being pressured by Islamic groups? After all, we have seen many, many...

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Asymmetric Warfare Group

Yesterday I gave a day-long presentation on the belief-system of Islamic jihad terrorists to the U.S. Army's Asymmetric Warfare Group, in which there are many people who are deeply aware of what we're up against and are working to meet...

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Urgent call: Stop the Islamic Saudi Academy expansion tonight!

Yesterday and today I have received the following notice from many people. It is a call to Christians, but every free citizen -- Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, whatever -- in the Fairfax County area ought to attend this meeting...

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Netherlands: Most serious teenage criminals are Muslim immigrants, get no jail time

Why don't they get any prison time? Would it be "Islamophobic"? "Two out of Three Serious Teenage Criminals are Immigrants," from NIS News, March 18 (thanks to Brian at Snapped Shot): THE HAGUE, 18/03/09 - Two out of three serious...

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Shire Network News: All-new site and new shows!

Here's an announcement from my friend Brian of London of Shire Network News: In case you weren't aware, Shire Network News has a brand new site and new shows. The new site is here. And we have at least two...

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