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Friday, March 13, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Friday, March 13, 2009

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Modern, moderate Dubai finds British woman guilty of adultery -- for having a cup of tea with a male friend

Sharia Alert from modern, moderate Dubai, where we should all invest because it is safer than the stock market: "Marnie Pearce, mother of two, jailed over a cup of tea," from The Daily Telegraph, March 13 (thanks to JE): A...

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Canadian "man," "software engineer," gets 10½ years for plot to bomb nightclubs, trains, and shopping center

Now why would a mild-mannered software engineer get it into his head to do something like this? Reuters, of course, gives us no hint whatsoever. "Canadian given 10-year sentence for UK bomb plot," by David Ljunggren for Reuters, March 12...

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Dutch authorities foil terrorist attack planned by, uh, people

Who was going to do this? People. Men. Well, six men and one woman. Suspects. A person. Uh, Dutch people of Moroccan ancestry, and, er, one of them was a relative of one of the 2004 Madrid jihad attackers. Hmmmm....

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FBI stonewalls on whether it still has ties to CAIR

Why? What does it have to hide? The FBI is supposed to have cut ties to CAIR back in October. Why not answer the Congressman's questions? "Lack of Answers on CAIR's Questionable Ties," from FOXNews, March 11 (thanks to all...

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Muslims hack "Christians on Facebook" site, change its name to "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet"

Todd Snider, whose pro-Israel site on Facebook was hacked and destroyed by Hizballah supporters, is not alone: the Facebook Jihad is breaking out all over. "UPDATE #2: Religious hack attack against Christianity seen on Facebook," by Rick C. Hodgin for...

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PA TV celebrates most murderous jihad terror attack in Israel's history

But don't worry. They really, really, deep down, want peace. Just ask Obama and Hillary. "PA TV celebrates most murderous terror attack in Israel's history," by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook for Palestinian Media Watch, March 12 (thanks to Chetz):...

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Hindus flee Sharia rule in Pakistan

But let's introduce elements of Sharia into the West, and Sharia arbitration courts for Muslims! What could go wrong? "FataÂ's 35 Hindus migrate to India," from Dawn, March 9 (thanks to Varunappa): AMRITSAR: A group of 35 Hindus, nearly half...

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UK Muslim who hurled abuse at troops has been working as airport baggage handler

I'll handle your filthy baggage, kuffar With access to secure areas. But what's the big deal? What could go wrong? What are you, some kind of Islamophobe? "Muslim protester who works as baggage handler at Luton Airport has security...

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Virginia: Saudi Academy revises textbooks, yet hatred and intolerance still lurk

After years of criticism and pressure regarding the hatred and intolerance contained in its textbooks, the school has finally revised. Still, as this report notes, subtle hatred and intolerance -- for all things infidel (or now in euphemistic language, "non-Muslim")...

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Libya frees 136 Islamists close to Qaeda

Freed by Kadhafi's son, Seif al-Islam Very appropriate, since Seif al-Islam means "Sword of Islam." His work is not done, however; he plans on releasing another 170 jihadis with close ties to al-Qaeda. "Libya frees 136 Islamists close to...

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Brits call for crackdown on Muslims abusing returning soldiers

Not to worry, though: Akbar Dad Khan, of Luton's Building Bridges organisation assures us that, "They are about 10 to 15 hotheads. The best thing to do is just to ignore them. They do not represent the views of...

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Pakistani PM: Jihadi terror product of "educational, economic, and political backwardness"

Anything, really, as long as the focus is taken of Islam itself. Odd, however, that even though billions of peoples around this world suffer from "educational, economic and political backwardness," the Islamic world has the lion's share of terrorism. To...

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Senate committee warns that "domestic terror threat" is growing

And it is growing in no small part because of the abject failure of government and law enforcement to deal with the Islamic doctrines and beliefs that provide the justification for "terrorism." Instead, most policymakers and law enforcement officials have...

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Honor killing in Germany: Girl's face "beaten beyond recognition"

She loved the wrong man, and should have submitted to an arranged marriage. Google translation of "Erschlagen, weil sie den falschen Mann liebte," from Politically Incorrect, March 11 (thanks to Pamela): The young Turkish woman was beaten to death...

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New U.N. resolution would define any questioning of Islamic dogma as a human rights violation

Here we go again. "Proposal at U.N. to criminalize 'defamation of Islam,'" from UN Watch, March 11 (thanks to N.): Geneva, March 11, 2009 — A new U.N. resolution circulated today by Islamic states would define any questioning of Islamic...

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Kabul police commander: Taliban at city gates

The report blames low wages for police for the corruption and security risks in Kabul; while that may be a contributing factor, no amount of money will un-corrupt a corrupt official. That becomes a particular problem in higher levels of...

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Lawyers, guns, and marriage fraud

"During the sale of a sniper rifle to the FBI source, Amjad Hamed bragged how he could transport weapons to the middle of Lebanon and had access to at least 10 M-16 fully automatic rifles." An update on this story....

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Spencer: Obama in Turkey: Another Missed Opportunity?

In Human Events this morning I discuss how Obama's coming trip to Turkey will probably not see him defending the principles of non-establishment of religion, or democratic government, or religious freedom -- contrary to the Secretary of State's implication. President...

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