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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Man who beheaded wife pleads "innocent"

If I was in an Islamic country, this wouldn't be a big deal, stupid kuffar Unrepentant: "Man accused of beheading wife arraigned," from the AP, March 13:BUFFALO - The founder of a Muslim-American television station pleaded not guilty Friday...

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Obama insists on "forging new ties" with Muslims

And, as a token, he'll prove his sincerity by releasing jihadis. "Obama: I'll forge new ties with Muslims," from the Associated Press, March 13:In phone conversations with the leaders of Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines on Friday, US...

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UK jihadist: "I want to see flag of Allah flying over Downing Street"

Omar Bakri said this years ago. The aspiration has not changed. The learned analysts, however, continue to dismiss it out of hand and assume that the vast majority of Muslims in Britain have no such aspiration. They have no grounds...

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U.S. drops "enemy combatant" term; only individuals offering al-Qaeda "substantial" aid can be detained

Not to worry, however: "The new construct clearly allows for the continued detention of admitted 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and a handful of his acknowledged al Qaeda operatives." As for the rest of the 240 detainees, sounds like they...

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Iraqi Shi'ite cleric: Release Bush shoe-thrower

Heroism Tiny Minority of Extremists™ question:would al-Zaidi be a hero and have all these people going to bat for him if the Vast Majority of Muslims™ really wanted peace, harmony with their non-Muslim neighbors in a secure democratic state,...

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Obama nominates jihadist's lawyer to be an assistant attorney general

Johnny Taliban has friends in high places And the new-Duranty dhimmis in the mainstream media, of course, never noticed. The-Jihad-Is-Over Alert: "Media Forgets Obama's Nominee to Justice Dept. Was a Terrorist's Lawyer," by Warner Todd Huston for Newsbusters, March...

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Yemen releases 170 al-Qaeda members

First Libya releases 136 al-Qaeda members, saying it will still release another 170; now Yemen releases 170. Not to worry, however; the jihadists signed "pledges" to refrain from terrorism. "Yemen Releases 170 Al-Qaeda Suspects," from AP, March 12:Yemen released 170...

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Hizballah hate fanatic barred from Britain after all

No bubble and squeak for Moussawi This redresses part of the howling injustice of barring freedom fighter Geert Wilders from Britain while allowing in a jihad leader. But barring them both only equates them. Now Britain needs to apologize...

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Iranian TV show scrapped after child calls toy monkey "Ahmadinejad" live on air

Oh, the innocence of youth! No problem, however, when Iranian sponsored terrorist organization Hezbollah runs children programs teaching that Jews are, not just monkeys, but pigs. "Iranian TV show scrapped after child calls toy monkey Ahmadinejad live on air,"...

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UK: Roman Catholic chapel used for event celebrating Muhammad's birthday

Reciprocity: when will Christmas be celebrated in a mosque? With the Vatican promoting Islamic finance, this is hardly a surprise. The dhimmi elements in the Roman Catholic hierarchy appear to be quite firmly entrenched. "Archbishop Nichols defends use of...

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Sudanese "bandits" demand ransom for kidnapped aid workers -- or else

One of the kidnapped -- in a former life For the record, here's Serge Trifkovic on the role of kidnappings in Islamic history and the sunna of Muhammad:Having established himself as the ruler of Medina, Muhammad attacked the Jewish...

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US criticises UK's vow to talk to Hezbollah

"A senior US government official said that he would like to ask the British to 'explain the difference between the political, military and social wings of Hezbollah', adding, 'we don't see a difference between the integrated leadership that they see.'"...

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FBI tracking jihad recruiting in Minneapolis

In Minneapolis we've seen the Sharia cab controversy, the refusal of Muslims at Target to check out pork products, and now the disappearance of large numbers of Somalis who appear to be returning home to wage jihad. And more besides....

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Clinton: Palestinians get no aid unless they recognize Israel

Several possible outcomes: the Palestinians could agree, and then renege on some trumped-up pretext down the road, once they have reaped the benefits of agreeing. Or they could continue on their present course, with Hamas holding firm in jihad and...

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