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Monday, March 02, 2009

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Monday, March 2, 2009

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Fitzgerald: Still More Infidel Billions For Gaza?

Now let's see. For the past 60 years any Arab who showed up at an UNRWA office was, without much investigation, put on the rolls, and these rolls turn out to grow and grow and grow. And in the first...

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What's so bad about 'Satanic,' anyway?

An exclusive Jihad Watch article by Henrik Raeder Clausen, editor of EuropeNews: It raised a couple of eyebrows when the Organisation of the Islamic Conference quoted two pages from an article on EuropeNews, discussing if Muhammad was, in fact, a...

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Serbia's Struggle for Survival: Lessons from Israel

Here is another exclusive Jihad Watch essay by Raphael Israeli. Raphael Israeli was born in Fez, Morocco, and arrived in Israel at the age of 14. A professor of Islamic, Middle Eastern and Chinese history at the Hebrew University in...

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Pakistan: Christian minorities nervous over encroaching sharia

The Pakistani government's capitulation to the draconian dictates of sharia "does not augur well for us [Christians]." "Pakistan Christians Nervous about Sharia Law Enforcement," from the Christian Post, February 28:Christians in Pakistan voiced serious concerns about government allowing Islamic laws...

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O'Reilly: "In Islam, if the guy abuses the woman, the woman can't cut his head off and hope to get to paradise, right?"

Appalled at beheadings in America O'Reilly questions a "ritual murder" expert concerning the recent Buffalo beheading. Click here to watch the segment. "The Factor Investigates Muslim Beheadings," from Fox News, February 27:O'REILLY, HOST: And all over the world, fanatical...

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Islamic hate-preacher gets OK to march in London calling for the implementation of sharia

Out to "emulate the Prophet and his companions" "The startling move comes just days after processions celebrating St George were banned for being racist" and "despite a previous demonstration in which some of his supporters chanted: 'Bomb the UK.'"...

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Israel: Kassam rocket "tear[s] through an empty school"

To which Israel's prime minister threatened "uncompromising" retaliation. "Kassam rockets continue to hit Negev," by Yaakov Lappin for the Jerusalem Post, February 27:Palestinians fired two advanced Kassam rockets at Ashkelon on Saturday morning, in an attack that saw one projectile...

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CPAC: A squandered opportunity

Patrick Poole, whom I had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face at CPAC, discusses the conference's curious silence about the most pressing issues of our day: the global jihad and the concomitant threat to free speech -- and discusses the Norquistian...

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International Islamic organization slams Israeli program on Muhammad and calls again for free speech restrictions

Jihad Watch reader Paul, who sent me this, notes: "No details about the show are given, such as the name of it, what the 'insult' was, etc." But it doesn't matter. Dhimmis aren't supposed to speak about Islam and Muhammad...

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Iran supplying Taliban in Afghanistan with surface-to-air missiles

Â"A Taliban spectacular against British or American troops would reinforce an increasing view among ordinary Afghans that the Taliban are gaining the upper hand.Â" But don't be concerned: Annette Bening will straighten it all out. "Missile threat to British troops,"...

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Iran wants apology from Hollywood dhimmi delegation

A delegation of Hollywood dhimmis is going to Iran to open up talks with the friendly old mullahs, as Pamela reported yesterday. But here again we see that appeasement only emboldens the one who is being appeased: it isn't enough...

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Latest poll: Wilders's party the largest in the Netherlands!

Truth-telling and courage rewarded. Hold elections! And if you're just coming in and wonder who Geert Wilders is, and what he has to do with jihad, see here. Dutch articles on the latest polling: http://www.telegraaf.nl/binnenland/3362789/__PVV_nu_grootste__.html http://www.nos.nl/nos/artikelen/2009/03/art000001C999FFB64DE1C4.html http://www.metrotime.be/nlnewsbelga.html?telexid=39107219 UPDATE: Here is...

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Somali president gives in to jihadists' demands for sharia law

But relax, it won't be "strict" sharia. These guys are purportedly more moderate than that. So, according to the article, this kinder, gentler brand of sharia won't be one that "forbids girls from attending school, requires veils for women and...

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