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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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It's not a War On Terror, it's an "Overseas Contingency Operation"

And it certainly isn't a defense action against the global jihad and Islamic supremacism. Well, after sputtering and coughing for many years, the War On Terror appears to be finally over. It was always a silly thing, a war on...

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NATO secretary-general candidate deemed "disrespectful toward Islam"

Among other things, he is accused of having "an irresponsible and unsentimental attitude during the [Muhammad] cartoon crisis." In other words, he seems to be an advocate of free speech. "Rasmussen disrespectful toward Islam: Turkey's senior AKP official," from World...

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Saudi Arabia: Women fight to stop gym closures

Not only is walking in public restricted for Saudi women; now they can't go to all female gyms for a bit of exercise. "Saudi Arabia: Women fight to stop gym closures," from Adnkronos, March 24:Dubai, 23 March (AKI) - A...

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Somalia: Jihadis destroy graves

For being "un-Islamic." Will the Muslim world find this, the willful destruction of graves belonging to self-identified Muslims (Sufis) at the hands of jihadis, anywhere near as offensive as Israel's attempts to build a "museum of tolerance" atop a long-abandoned...

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Michael Jackson and Nation of Islam accused of making death threats

You've come a long way, habibi It's only been a few months since Jacko converted to Islam and already he's begun to threaten others with violence and "bloodshed." "Claim: Jacko's Rep Threatened Harm From Nation of Islam," from Fox...

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Virginia: Officials giving Islamic Saudi Academy special consideration not given to other schools

Over at Snapped Shot, Brian C. Ledbetter compares and contrasts the treatment that Fairfax Christian School and the Islamic Saudi Academy have received from Fairfax County Officials -- and the Washington media. Unfortunately, I think the political reality on the...

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Islamophobes plant weapons in Islamic school!

Will the Islamophobia never end? Can't the poor Religion of Peace catch a break? "Weapons found at Bangladesh Islamic school," from The News International, March 24 (thanks to Kapil): BHOLA: A local television says authorities have recovered a cache of...

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Nepal: Muslims want sharia law incorporated into nation's constitution

First, the Maoist government of Nepal pledged to grant Muslims "special rights." Then, Muslims began disregarding civil marriage laws in favor of sharia. Now, they're making this demand of the once-Hindu state, along with others described below. "Nepali Muslims want...

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