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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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Sharia and Islamberg (and a little touch of Spencer) on Fox

Spencer, looking a little sleepy, shows up around 4:50. Only tiny fragments of what I said were used, but that's television for you. (Thanks to Kaosktrl for the video.)...

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In response to inflammatory editorial, Spencer listens and questions

I haven't even left the Jihad Watch offices in Kalispell, Montana to make my way to St. Louis yet, but the editorial staff of Student Life, the independent paper of Washington University in St. Louis, has already decided that my...

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Author aims to dispel "fallacies" about Saudi Islam

Please bury your head in the sand and ignore what the Saudis do From the "expert" who found it hard to differentiate between Sarah Palin and Osama bin Laden comes this: an exhortation to not condemn the Saudi government,...

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Arizona: Muslim woman arrested for DUI claims she was "racially profiled"

"Offended" by standard police procedures Her car was swerving into the bicycle lane; she failed a field sobriety test and was arrested (though she resisted); and she found standard prison procedure "offensive." Not to worry: the ever discredited but...

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Pakistan: "Unidentified men" blow up a(nother) school for girls

More on the Taliban's jihad against girl-schools. "GirlsÂ' school blown up in Mardan," from the Daily Times, March 23:MARDAN: Unidentified men blew up a girlsÂ' school in Mardan on Sunday. According to police sources, the men planted explosives near Government...

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Taliban orders the shut down of NGOs -- another name for "vulgarity and obscenity" -- for allowing women to work with men

They are also "against polio vaccination because it causes infertility." "Taliban order NGOs to leave Swat," from the Daily Times, March 23:KARACHI: The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Sunday ordered all non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to immediately leave Swat. In an exclusive...

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Public interest law firm sues AIG for promoting Islam

Why? See here. And Richard Thompson of the Thomas More Law Center explains: Â"Although widespread public anger has rightfully focused on bonuses AIG paid to top executives using taxpayersÂ' money, that anger would be at an even higher pitch if...

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Ongoing comments trouble

Many, many people have written in to tell me that comments are disappearing from threads, that comments fields from one thread are suddenly showing up on another, etc. etc. Folks, I find this just as annoying and frustrating as you...

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Iraq: U.S. prison closing, most prisoners returning to jihad

And why not? What has been done while they were in prison to change their minds about anything? Why, nothing. Nothing at all. "In Iraq, Chaos Feared as U.S. Closes Prison: Ex-Inmates Reanimate Sunni, Shiite Militias," by Anthony Shadid for...

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Foiled Haifa jihad attack may have been work of Hizballah

Hamas says they weren't involved, although a Hamas spokesman says that this attempt at mass murder "should be hailed as an heroic operation." An update on this story. "Israel: Failed Attack In Haifa 'Work Of Hezbollah', Press," from ANSAmed, March...

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Yemeni sentenced to death for "making illegal contact with the Zionist Jewish Israeli entity"

This whole episode has the ring of conspiratorial fantasy -- which is so popular in the Islamic world. Haidari is supposed to have written Olmert saying: "We are the Organisation of Islamic Jihad and you are Jews, but you are...

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Anti-dhimmitude in Oz: University rejects Muslim demand for separate prayer room

"Australian universities are responsible for providing quality education, not consecrated religious spaces." At last a university administration shows some common sense and unwillingness to be intimidated by Islamic supremacists. An update on this story. "Uni rejects demand for Muslims' prayer...

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Fjordman essay: Alhazen, Kepler and the History of Optics

Here's the latest from the European essayist Fjordman: My full history of optics and modern science, published in stages at Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs and the Gates of Vienna blog, has been published at the GoV. Why do I write...

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It is not forbidden to think...is it?

Freedom of Speech Death Watch Update: Gates of Vienna kindly provides a translation of the posters here by Iranian dissident Ahmed Mashhouri, which the cringing dhimmi Norwegian authorities have asked him to remove. The exhibition is called "It is...

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"There is essentially one battle going on, and it is a battle about Islam"

So says former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. And he makes it all very simple and Manichaean: there are "two elements in Islam: one wanted to work with the West; the other did not." We just have to work with...

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ProPiganda: Drawing the Line Against Jihad

Many of you are already aware of the fine work of anti-jihad artist Bosch Fawstin. Now his book is available: A collection of illustrations, cartoons & essays that serves as a preview to Bosch Fawstin's upcoming graphic novel, The...

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