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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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A recurring source of false hope

Over the years many, many people have sent in articles stating that the Qur'an actually promises the Land of Israel to the Jews, and that therefore the claims of Hamas and Hizballah et al are illegitimate on Islamic grounds. It...

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CIA recruits among Muslims

What could go wrong? Surely the CIA will thoroughly vet prospective spies for adherence to the doctrines of jihad and Islamic supremacism -- as well as the old adage of Muhammad, "war is deceit" -- won't they? One may hope...

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India Supreme Court: "No Talibanisation of India"

It's just a beard. What's the big deal? Justice Markandeya Katju sees the larger issues involved. If only we had a judge this far-seeing and courageous in the United States. "SC rejects Muslim's plea to sport beard, says no 'Talibanisation...

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Latest Gitmo releasee: Al-Qaeda operative accused of taking part in anthrax plot

He also was accused of aiding terrorist-charities and repeatedly meeting with Osama bin Laden. All rubbish, insists his lawyer; as for his meetings with bin Laden, well, they were all merely "chance encounters." "U.S. Decides to Release Detainee at Guantánamo,"...

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Dangerous al-Qaeda prisoners try to escape by hijacking helicopter

Once a hijacker -- of planes, not religions -- apparently always a hijacker. "Al-Qaeda terrorist prisoners plotted to escape in hijacked helicopter," from the Telegraph, March 31:Al-Qaeda terrorists in a British jail were caught planning to escape in a hijacked...

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UK fire service introduces hijab for Muslim workers

Reasonable accommodation or cultural acquiescence? "Now fire service introduces hijab headscarves for Muslim workers," by Jaya Narain for the Daily Mail, March 31: Pop into the firestation and the chances are there'd be a group of reassuringly burly men...

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Afganistan's moderate Prez Karzai a Misunderstander of Islam? Signs law "legalizing rape in marriage"

It will be forever ignored or denied by those who insist that Islam is a Religion of Peace, but in reality there is no Misunderstanding of Islam going on here. Every provision of this law as stated in this article,...

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Fitzgerald: Who's minding the store?

Long ago at Jihad Watch I posted about the destruction, through Islam-inspired vandalism, of statuary both in churches in Northern France and in Rome, in the Piazza del Popolo. Remember: statues are banned in Islam. Why? Because a famous hadith...

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Hillary backs reconciliation talks with Taliban "if they are willing to abandon violence"

So apparently, if they are willing to abandon violence and pursue their goal of implementing Islamic law by other means, that is just fine with her. Here is yet another demonstration of the danger of misdiagnosis of the global jihad...

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Taliban promises attack on Washington that will "amaze" the world

Mehsud: Not the "moderate Taliban" I'm guessing that Mehsud is not one of the vaunted "moderate Taliban" with whom Obama wants to chat. In any case, he has issued such threats before. "Taliban promises attack on Washington that will...

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Italy: Muslims try to blow up 14-century fresco

Because it depicts Muhammad being dragged into hell by a demon. Respect Europe's culture and history? Pah! It is all worthless trash, jahiliyya! Eurabia Alert: "Corridors of Power in Milan, Italy: Bad Manners, Bad Intentions and More," by Roland...

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More on Mahdi Bray's criminal history and current questionable activity

Here is an excerpt from part 2 of the Investigative Project's illuminating expose of the slick Muslim spokesman Mahdi Bray, "Mahdi Bray: Voting With Conviction: An IPT Investigation," from IPT News, March 27 (thanks to Axel): Radical Defender Beyond his...

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