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Friday, April 10, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Friday, April 10, 2009

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Sudan: Support for President leads to attacks on churches

"As support for President Bashir escalates [who is wanted by the International Criminal Court], especially in the North, the church faces one of the worst threats to its existence in the recent past. Today, it struggles simply to survive." "Survive"...the...

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Sharia court approves of man divorcing wife via SMS text message

Considering he's in Iraq "to participate in what he described as 'jihad,'" maybe the court is being lenient on him. Additionally, he (supposedly) called two friends to confirm the divorce: why didn't he call his wife? Unless, of course, his...

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While world slumbers on, Iran inaugurates first nuclear plant

Heil to "national nuclear day" Many Iranians do take pride in tracing their lineage to the first Aryans, you know. Not to worry, however; for the U.S. vice president, taking a firm and manly stance, is on it: he...

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Child marriage and beatings in Nashville mosque

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has posted these audio-only videos, given to her by a confidential source. They come from a microphone hidden in the Al-Farooq mosque in Nashville, Tennessee. The audio isn't great, but you can hear a little...

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British universities: Breeding grounds for Islamic terrorism

Just another blow to the "poverty-and-ignorance-fuel-jihad" myth, which is constantly being disproved. "Terror blunder: British universities are 'real and serious' terrorism threat," Graeme Paton for the Telegraph, April 9:British universities have long been identified as a potential breeding ground for...

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"Afghan intelligence officials are sympathetic to the Taliban and they communicate the movements of the occupying forces [U.S. and NATO] to us"

As I have explained many times, there is no orthodox Islamic sect or school of Islamic jurisprudence that does not teach the necessity of waging war against unbelievers and subjugating them under the rule of Islamic law. Consequently, it is...

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Pakistan: Uncle guns down niece over honor

He disapproved of her plans to elope. "Uncle kills eloping niece over Â'honour,Â'" from the Daily Times, April 9:LAHORE: A man allegedly killed his teenaged niece on Wednesday morning over Â'honourÂ' in the Shahdara Police precincts. According to the locals...

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Why would the Taliban kidnap one of its strongest supporters in the West?

Apparently still alive Could the whole thing be a fundraising scheme? Beverly Giesbrecht Update: "Mystery Shrouds Kidnap of Pro-Jihadist Canadian Activist by Pakistani Extremists," by Jana Winter for FoxNews, April 6 (thanks to Religion of Peace): Beverly Giesebrecht, known...

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Changing the shape of America

Yes indeed. (From The Religion of Peace.) For another take on Obama's statement, see here....

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FBI raids Minneapolis money-transfer shops, won't say if raids connected to missing Somalis

Is money going from these shops to fund the Somali jihad? It certainly wouldn't be the first time Muslims in the West have funded jihad elsewhere. "FBI raids 3 Minneapolis money-transfer shops," by Lora Pabst and Richard Meryhew for the...

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Pakistan: Jihadists uniting to take over Islamabad

"The day is not far when Islamabad will be in the hands of the mujahideen." And then what? Will Obama offer them still more money? "Pak Taliban fighters uniting to take over Islamabad: Reports," from the Times of India, April...

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Somali pirates double cross good faith negotiator, hold on to hostage

War Is Deceit Update on the Somali pirates' hostage: "U.S. Cargo Ship Repels Pirates: Crew Regains Control in Drama off Coast of Somalia; Captain Held by Hijackers," by Chip Cummins, Louise Radnofsky and Philip Shishkin for the Wall Street Journal,...

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What's the difference between Islam and "Radical Islam"?

A commenter at Sean Hannity's forum, Francissea, asks this question: Yesterday, Sean said we are not at war with islam; we are at war with "radical islam". He also said that we have gone to great lengths to "delineate the...

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Unindicted co-conspirator in jihad terror funding case wants educational institutions to stop FBI from interrogating Muslim students

Somali Muslims are disappearing from the U.S. and returning to Somalia to wage jihad, raising the possibility that they could come back here and wage jihad in America as well, but the Council on American-Islamic Relations wants the FBI to...

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French FM says no to Obama's call for Turkish EU admission

Because of "TurkeyÂ's evolution in, letÂ's say, a more religious direction." Yeah, let's say that. "France Foreign Minister rebuffs Obama's call for Turkey's EU admission," by Philippe Naughton for the TimesOnline, April 7 (thanks to all who sent this in):...

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Pakistan: After getting Sharia in Swat, Islamic parties demand Islamic law in entire country

Concessions to jihadists only result in demands for more concessions. Obama will probably be learning this lesson, or be given an opportunity to learn this lesson, soon enough. "Pakistan's religious parties demand extension of Islamic law," by Raza Khan for...

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U.S. Christians debate how much they should help the FBI -- no, wait...

Of course, Muslims are debating about how much to cooperate with law enforcement, and no one bats an eye. But imagine if it were any other group mulling over whether or not they should obey the laws of the state....

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China executes two jihadists who killed 17, AFP uses scare quotes

They killed seventeen people, and AFP puts quotation marks around "terrorism" and "terrorist." "China executes two over pre-Olympic 'terrorism,'" from AFP, April 9 (thanks to Kapil): BEIJING (AFP) – China executed two Muslim men in its far northwest on Thursday...

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