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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Muslim who called for engagement with Muslim Brotherhood to advise White House

Ready for dialogue Mogahed, along with John Esposito, cooked the results of a Gallup survey of Muslims to increase the number of "moderates." Mogahed was also a member of U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project, which called for engagement with Muslim Brotherhood....

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Islam-critic receives death threats, cancels speaking engagements

From Al Azhar Imam to Islam critic: credentials Considering that he's not just another critic of Islam, but an ex-Muslim, an apostate, who, according to sharia, must be put to death, this, of course, is only to be expected....

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CIA: Waterboarding 9/11 mastermind led to info that headed off 9/11-style attack on LA

Good thing they're not waterboarding anymore, eh? As we watch American cities go up in flames, we can at least pat ourselves on the back that we did not transgress against delicate 21st century sensibilities. "CIA Confirms: Waterboarding 9/11 Mastermind...

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Man kills sister, niece, for "honor"

In Pakistan. "The accused, who had presented himself before the police after committing the crime, told the police that he had admonished the victims repeatedly but they turned a deaf ear to his advice." Evidently he thinks this sort of...

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Taliban persecuting Christians

Â"We have had Christian workers in that area who have been kidnapped, they have been badly mistreated, and they have been beaten because of their Christian witness. Some have been killed, simply because they were known to be Christians and...

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Al Qaeda Calls for attack on Jerusalem

More on Zawahiri's latest harangue. "Al Qaeda Calls for Attack on Jerusalem," by Hana Levi Julian for Israel National News, April 20:(IsraelNN.com) While the eyes of the world are focused on the Durban II racism conference in Geneva, the international...

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Shocker: Taliban has failed to disarm following sharia-for-peace deal in Pakistan's Swat valley

Not only that, but they're extending operations into the neighboring region of Buner. Golly. Who could have foreseen that? The Incredible Shrinking (and regressing) Pakistan Update. "Swat's Taleban expand operations," by Syed Shoaib Hasan for BBC News, April 21: Taleban...

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Egyptians win right to drop religion from government-issued identification card

It appears that this ruling only puts into practice the results of a court's decision in February of 2008. Under the new rules, Egyptians do not have to state a religion; it is being hailed as progress in that the...

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"The pope insulted Islam and deeply hurt our feelings back in 2006 and he must apologize now to clear the air with Muslims worldwide"

"We expect a written or verbal apology now or right before he visits Jordan" All this because the Pope quoted factual history, the same history that Muslims often boast of, that is, the spread of Islam through the sword....

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Taliban blows up boys' school

That is, "unidentified men." Up till now, the Taliban -- or miscreants -- have been directing their violence against girls' schools. Perhaps this latest attack is meant to deflect the accusation that they discriminate based on gender, for PR purposes?...

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Unindicted co-conspirators win review of FBI investigations of Muslim groups

The unindicted co-conspirators of CAIR win one -- and this travesty puts us on the road to granting de facto immunity from investigation to Muslim groups. And this at a time when we have no assurance whatsoever that jihadist teachings...

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Christian militants jailed for plot against Muslim schoolteacher and imam -- no, wait...

Well, not this time, but one of these days the Moral Equivalence crowd is going to find one they can hang everything on. The endless trotting out of Timothy McVeigh is getting stale, and he wasn't even really a Christian....

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Norway: "The reality is that a kind of sneak-Islamisation of this society is being allowed"

Norway notices. "Islam a political target in Norway," by Thomas Buch-Andersen for BBC News, April 20 (thanks to Michael): With less than six months to go until Norway's general election, increasing tensions over immigration and Islam appear likely to play...

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U.N.: Ahmadinejad's Durban II speech was an edited version of the original

That was Ahmadinejad's idea of a milder speech -- never mind the bit about eradicating "Zionism" (i.e., Israel). An update on this story. "Ahmadinejad dropped Holocaust denial from speech," by Bradley S. Klapper and Alexander G. Higgins for the Associated...

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Edina Lekovic attended Muslim victimfest in Los Angeles

Patrick Poole has kindly written in to point out that yesterday's Los Angeles Times story in which Muslims complained about the FBI (comments here) featured a photo showing that none other than Edina Lekovic was at the meeting. She...

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Obama refuses to meet with Netanyahu

He bowed to the Saudi King. He wants to meet with the Thug-In-Chief. He called Hugo Chavez "my friend." But Barack Obama has apparently refused to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu. "Netanyahu won't attend AIPAC summit, asks Peres to represent Israel,"...

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