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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Sunday, April 12, 2009

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Target: Egypt's Coptic Church issues conversion certificate to convert from Islam

Will this make Maher al-Gohari even more of a target for those who take seriously Muhammad's dictum to kill those who leave Islam? Muhammad said "&#1605;&#1606; &#1576;&#1583;&#1617;&#1604; &#1583;&#1610;&#1606;&#1607; &#1601;&#1575;&#1602;&#1578;&#1604;&#1608;&#1607;" -- "whoever changes his religion, kill him." Islamic Tolerance Alert: "Egypt...

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Thug-In-Chief: "Great things are happening in the United States. I believe that the Americans are in the process of initiating important developments."

Pamela Geller pulled a telling quote from the piece Marisol commented on here: Another issue raised in the interview was Iran's relations with the United States under new President Barack Obama. According to Ahmadinejad, "Great things are happening in the...

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Free world on the brink of banning free speech

As imperfect as this is, it is good to see it in, of all places, the Washington Post -- even if it is on page B3 of the print edition. "The Free World Bars Free Speech," by Jonathan Turley in...

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Why not just tell the truth?

War is deceit An Islamic apologist apparently feels free to spread falsehoods about Muhammad to a small forum in Bakersfield, California. What does this have to do with jihad? Everything. Because as Muhammad said, "war is deceit." Does Yusuf...

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Don't miss this one!

Don't miss the incomparably great Kathy Shaidle, along with the warrior for free speech Ezra Levant! Mark Steyn says: Did you hear about the Catholic, the Jew and the Muslim who walked into a theatre in London, Ontario? It's...

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&#1488;&#1493;&#1489;&#1502;&#1492;: &#1492;&#1488;&#1497;&#1505;&#1500;&#1488;&#1501; &#1506;&#1497;&#1510;&#1489; &#1488;&#1514; &#1488;&#1502;&#1512;&#1497;&#1511;&#1492;

My article "Obama: Islam Has Shaped the U.S.A.," which appeared in FrontPage last week, has now appeared in Hebrew in Israel's News1. Many thanks to Boaz Arad for translating it and getting it published!...

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US announces waiver allowing PLO to maintain Washington office during Obama's Passover seder

Classy. It has been authorized every six months since 1994, but the timing in this case is especially insulting to a U.S. ally. "U.S. announces PLO office waiver during Obama Passover seder," from Haaretz, April 11 (thanks to Sr....

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Afghan cleric: "Can't we at least give the right to a husband to demand sex from his wife after four nights?"

It is telling that his defense of the rightly controversial Shi'ite family law depends on 1.) an immovable sense of entitlement, and 2.) blaming the consequences of the current system while seeking to perpetuate it -- believing it is fundamentally...

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Somali elders seek to mediate between jihadi pirates and US Navy!

That'll fix this problem right up. "WRAPUP 4-U.S. navy eyeballs Somali pirates in hostage standoff," by Abdi Guled for Reuters, April 11 (thanks to Kathryn Jean Lopez): MOGADISHU, April 11 (Reuters) - Somali elders sought to mediate on Saturday between...

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Child-killer requests and receives a Koran behind bars

So what? Perhaps she's reforming and repenting of her evil ways? Such would be a Christian interpretation. While the Koran does not advocate killing children, it does advocate killing non-believers. Thus it's not exactly the most ideal book to help...

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U.S. nationals among Somalia jihadists: "if you can encourage more of your children and more of your neighbors and anyone around to send people like him to this jihad, it would be a great asset for us"

Join the Religion of Peace Corps! More on this story. "US members of Somalia extremists urge recruitment," from Agence France-Presse, April 10: WASHINGTON (AFP) — American recruits of Somali extremists addressed a press conference in the conflict-wracked country this week...

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Somali pirates seize another US ship

Hmmm...do you think maybe the jihadi pirates just aren't scared of the US military under the command of Barack Obama? "Somali pirates capture US tug," from Agence France-Presse, April 12 (thanks to JE): SOMALI pirates have captured an Italian-flagged US...

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Pakistan: Muslim men who gang-raped a 13 year-old Christian girl are declared "innocent"

"[D]espite eye witness accounts and medical evidence indicating their guilt." Considering that according to sharia, Christian testimony is worth half that of Muslim testimony, obviously such eye-witness accounts must have fallen on deaf ears. "Pakistan: Suspects in rape of Christian...

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"Spiritual adviser" of 9/11 terrorists to address a UK conference by video

Freedom of speech for me, not you Meanwhile, hosting Geert Wilders is anathema in the UK. By the way, those attending this al-Qaeda linked cleric's speech "are required to register online and pay a fee up to £70 which...

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Iran's Thug-in-Chief: Holocaust "not an issue" for Germany; suggests referendum to prove Germans hate "Zionist regime"

The Thug-in-Chief has been fairly quiet in recent months, perhaps due to upcoming elections. But ultimately, he just couldn't help himself. "Ahmadinejad: Shoah not Germany's concern," from YNet News, April 11: Ahmadinejad trying to rewrite history once again? The Iranian...

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Eighteen Hindu girls kidnapped and "converted" to Islam

One of these girls, after allegedly converting freely and marrying her abductor, was soon thereafter hurled to her death from the third-floor of a building. This story is also revealing of the psychology of kidnappers and ransom-seekers: "Three Hindus were...

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Raymond Ibrahim interviewed on "The Gathering Storm" radio show

Yesterday I was on "The Gathering Storm Radio Show," hosted by WC and Always On Watch. Interview can be heard here....

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In televised speech, Nasrallah admits Hizballah is smuggling arms to Gaza through Egypt

Quiet, numbskulls, I'm broadcasting! Egypt is angry, apparently, but are they "angry" enough to do something? "Nasrallah is trying to turn Egypt into Hizbullah's playground," by Brenda Gazzar for the Jerusalem Post with additional reporting by the Associated Press,...

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Pakistan President pressured to sign Sharia deal

Zardari is willing, but he wants the jihadists to lay down their weapons. "Pakistan: Mounting pressure on president over Swat deal," by Syed Saleem Shahzad for AKI, April 10 (thanks to Carlo): Islamabad, 10 April (AKI) - Pressure is mounting...

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