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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Jihadist pirates try to hijack another U.S. ship, but fail

Clearly they are mightily intimidated by Barack Obama and the rescue of their American hostage several days ago! "Pirates Attack U.S.-Flagged Ship Off Somali Coast in Unsuccessful New Hijacking Attempt," from FoxNews, April 14 (thanks to James): Pirates attacked an...

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Iran stops threatening to annihilate Israel long enough to complain to the UN about Israeli "threats"

Islamic jihadists always pretend to be the victim, no matter how aggressive they behave. It is always the other guy's fault. Projection Alert: "Iran complains to UN about Israeli 'threats,'" by Louis Charbonneau for Reuters, April 14 (thanks to Mackie):...

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Hamas and Fatah agree to two-state solution... for their control of Gaza and the West Bank

A "confederation," technically: Hamas keeps Gaza; Fatah keeps the West Bank. And after all, both want more of Israel. It remains to be seen if the accord will last long enough to be formally announced, or how long it will...

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"If we cannot [reach the] Somali coast, we will kill the infidel"

The single most commonly ignored aspect of the Somali pirates' episode is the fact that the pirates are Islamic jihadists. I discuss this in my upcoming Human Events column, and meanwhile, here is a Jihadi Pirates roundup: "Â'3 rounds, 3...

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Afghan women just fine with the rape law: "We do not want total freedom. We wanted it to be limited and to be within Islam."

"If you speak of human rights or women rights in Afghanistan you get accused of having converted to Christianity." She said it. An update on this story. "Afghan women want West to back off 'rape law,'" by Matthew Fisher for...

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Sudan's jihadi, genocidal president hails Obama's overtures to the Islamic world

"Our hands remain held out to those who call for peace and justice" You know something is amiss when a criminal wanted by the International Criminal Court thinks your president is just a swell guy who can be cajoled......

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Iran: Two Christian women imprisoned

Their crime? They "were active in church activities and distributing Bibles." "Iran: Two Christian women imprisoned," from Compass Direct News, April 13:Held with no legal counsel for over a month, they suffer illness in notorious prison. LOS ANGELES, April 13...

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UK Intelligence: Terror strike could come Â"at any timeÂ"

The "Easter terror-plot" that was recently exposed is apparently a lot more involved than originally thought: "Police hunt 40-man al-Qaeda terror cell," by Gary Nicks for the Daily Star, April 13:A SECOND group of al-Qaida fanatics is planning a deadly...

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Swede sets up terrorist cell in Oregon -- no, wait...

He also just so happens to be of Lebanese origin, is Muslim, and probably doesn't even consider himself "Swedish" in the first place -- but you wouldn't know that if you just read the headline. Along with offering instructions on...

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Nigeria: Muslims attack Christians in Easter procession

But it is not, the BBC assures us, about religious bigotry. Just one of those random things, doncha know. Islamic Tolerance Alert: "Nigeria Muslims' 'Easter attacks,'" from the BBC, April 14 (thanks to all who sent this in): Police in...

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World's chief foe of free speech wants to set up its own human rights body

This is not a joke -- although in a certain sense it is. "Islamic Bloc Wants to Set Up its Own Human Rights Body," by Patrick Goodenough for CNS News, April 13 (thanks to all who sent this in): (CNSNews.com)...

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Fecal jihadist gets nine years

A man who gives a -- Poisoning food with feces is detailed as a tactic in the Al-Qaeda manual found a few years ago by British intelligence. Also, there are precedents, both involving Muslims, as does this story: UK:...

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Gaza: Fourth honor killing in a week

Islamic apologists in the West tell us that this practice has nothing to do with Islam, and yet wherever Islamic fervor grows, as in the domains of the "Islamic Resistance Movement," a.k.a Hamas, honor killings seem to increase as well...

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Taliban kill young couple for eloping

"There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious." -- Ayatollah Khomeini No fun, no joy -- and don't even get him started about romance. "Afghan Taliban kill young woman, man for...

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It's official: Zardari signs off on sharia law in Pakistan's Swat Valley

What could possibly go wrong? Once (or if) they realize this massive concession won't bring lasting peace, the government in Islamabad will find it all but impossible to undo it, if they even wanted to. An update on this story....

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