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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Muhammad cartoons editor: There's a problem with Muslims in Europe

A good, and revealing, interview with Flemming Rose, the man behind the infamous "Muhammad-cartoon" incidents. "Muhammad cartoons editor: There's a problem with Muslims in Europe," by Nir Magal for Ynet News, April 22:Flemming Rose, culture editor of Danish paper that...

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Pakistani jihad leader wants Sharia "even in America"

Khaaaaannnnn!!!! He said it. And Muslim Khan also mentioned the need to collect jizya payments from the dhimmis. "TTP says Osama welcome in Swat: Taliban reject peace accord," from the Daily Times, April 22 (thanks to Block Ness): MINGORA/LAHORE/NEW...

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U.S. based jihadi magazine offers workout tips for fight against "crusaders"

Warning against "un-Islamic" gyms, what with their "music, [and] semi-naked women" "The advice is contained in Jihad Recollections, an English language online magazine believed to be published in the United States which openly supports al-Qaeda and contains an article...

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The next generation of the worldÂ's most dangerous terrorists will be born, indoctrinated, and trained in Pakistan

There's one particularly disturbing aspect to this very likely scenario: Â"The geographic proximity of PakistanÂ's nuclear programme to these sophisticated terrorists and the recent history of illicit transfers of material and know-how pose a unique threat.Â" "Next generation of dreaded...

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Muslims admit plotting to firebomb the home of Muhammad book publisher

An update on this story. "Men plotted against UK publisher of Mohammad book," from The Star, April 21:LONDON (Reuters) - Two men admitted on Tuesday plotting to firebomb the London home of the publisher of a controversial novel about the...

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Taliban seize district just 70 miles from Pakistan's capital

Sharia on the march in Pakistan. "Taliban Seize District Near Islamabad," by Zahid Hussain for Associated Press, April 22 (thanks to all who sent this in): ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan's Taliban have seized control of another district in the country's northwest...

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Britain mulls cutting arms sales to Israel as Hamas top dog prepares to address House of Lords

The absurd and suicidal thirst to appease the jihadists reaches new heights in Britain -- and turns to a betrayal of Israel, as was inevitable. "Britain May Cut Arms to Israel; Hamas to Address Lords," by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu for...

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Palestinian landowner to be tried for treason...for selling land to Jews

And possibly executed -- in accord with the statement of the chief Islamic cleric of the Palestinian Authority. A But-They-Really-Want-Peace Update: "Palestinian land dealer to be tried for treason," by Ali Waked in Ynet, April 22 (thanks to Pamela): A...

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Member of Iran's official delegation at Durban II : "Wiesel, you Zionazi!"

The Iranians have just been an all-around class act at Durban II, haven't they? "'Wiesel, you Zionazi!!'," from YNet News, April 21: Iranian disgrace in Geneva: A member of Iran's official delegation to the UN's anti-racism conference verbally assaulted Shoah...

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Afghan charged in New York with financing Taliban with drug money

Narco-Jihad Update. "Afghan charged in New York with financing Taliban," from Reuters, April 21: NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. prosecutors unveiled new charges Tuesday against an Afghan man accused of conspiring to finance Taliban terrorist activities. Haji Juma Khan was...

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Shocker: Swat Taliban aren't implementing Sharia "correctly"

When has sharia ever been implemented "correctly," according to apologists scrambling to cover for its abuses of human rights? Not unlike communism, the utopian promises of sharia never work out as advertised, but it doesn't stop the proponents of system...

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Trial begins for accused Oregon jihadist; lawyer claims defendent just has a "big mouth"

So you might as well be calling Mick Jagger a jihadist, you see? An update on this story. "US Accuses Swedish-Lebanese Man Of Being Al-Qaeda Operative," from Dow Jones Newswires, April 21: WASHINGTON (AFP)--In opening arguments in federal court Tuesday,...

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