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Friday, April 03, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Friday, April 3, 2009

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Saudi religious police arrest famous actors because men and women were performing together

And remember, there's no reason why we can't bring elements of the Sharia to the States! Sharia Alert from the Kingdom of the Two Holy Places: "Religious police arrest famous actors, because men and women were performing together," from AsiaNews,...

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Italian authorities carry out raids against "Islamist radicals" across country

"The raids were carried out in properties around the northern cities of Vicenza, Venice, Padova, Brescia, Como, Cuneo and Trento, the central city of Florence and the southern city of Caserta." Eurabia Alert: "Misunderstanding" of Islam breaking out all over...

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CAIR demands reprimand of radio hosts who told the truth

This is not the first time that Islamic groups have become outraged over what were essentially accurate statements about Islamic belief or practice. In Islamic law, the definition of slander doesnÂ't involve falsehood. The ShafiÂ'i manual of Islamic law Â'Umdat...

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"Teach the children that death is honor and victory"

So says a Hamas TV show for kids, in this Palestinian Media Watch video (thanks to Hello Dave). Yet another example of Muslim children being taught Islamic peace and tolerance....

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Why freedom of speech must include the right to "defame" religions

Explained in, of all places, the generally hard-dhimmi Economist. "The meaning of freedom: Why freedom of speech must include the right to 'defame' religions," from The Economist, April 2 (thanks to Elias): AT FIRST glance, the resolution on Â"religious defamationÂ"...

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Canada grants asylum to Iranian couple who "angered authorities" by converting to Christianity

"Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him," said the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Bukhari 9.84.57). Anti-dhimmitude from, of all places, Canada: "Iranian couple granted asylum: Christian faith angered authorities in Iran," by Doug Ward and Darah Hansen in the...

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Madness: Judge says Afghan prisoners in Afghanistan can challenge their detention in U.S. civilian courts

If this stands, it will make it impossible for the U.S. to wage war. Soldiers will be afraid to take prisoners for fear of being tied up in lawsuits -- and given the experience with Litigation Jihad that American Muslim...

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Obama bows to Saudi King

Breach of protocol. "Americans do not bow to foreign monarchs because that act signified the monarch's power over his subjects." "Obama bows down to Saudi King (updated)," by Clarice Feldman at The American Thinker, April 2 (thanks to Doc...

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Child on Egyptian TV: "This war will never be over. It will continue until the day comes when the stones and the trees say: "Oh Muslims, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him."

If the mainstream media takes any notice of this at all, which it almost certainly won't, it will present it as children learning "extremism." But in reality there is nothing "extreme" about what they're saying -- almost all of...

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Swat: New video reveals Taliban beating 17 year-old girl

Watch the Times Online video and hear the girl howl. Incidentally, this whipping is part of the same sharia law that the government of Pakistan -- not to mention the Obama administration -- have conceded to. "Video: radicals beat girl,...

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Egypt: "Villagers" burn Bahai homes, threaten death

Aside from the ambiguity regarding the identity or motivation of these random "villagers," this report repeatedly misrepresents what's really going on in Egypt. For instance, even though the Copts are systematically persecuted, this report presents their plight as "clashes" between...

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"Pakistan has, over past several decades, been using terrorists as a strategic tool against India"

Friend and Ally Update: a Congressional panel hears the truth about Pakistan's involvement in the jihad against India. "'Pak using terrorists as strategic tool against India,'" from ExpressIndia, April 2 (thanks to A.M.): Pakistan has, over past several decades, been...

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Dutch report concludes "radical imam" not a security threat

Nothing threatening here Yet this is not a tale of total dhimmitude: "Fraction chairman Roel Lauwerier says that his party didn't change it's point of view. 'Really, there is just one place where imam Salam belongs: with a one-way...

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Pakistani government wants US to keep hands off its jihadi/terrorist component, ISI

Which is why the Pakistani government demands "unconditional aid" from the U.S. More on the Pakistani government's Taliban alliance. "Pakistan wants US to keep hands off ISI," from the Times of India, March 31:ISLAMABAD: Following the intense heat that the...

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OBL surrogate: "Soon we will launch an attack in Washington that will amaze everyone in the world"

Jihadi "rising star" "Terrorism experts...say his threat to carry out an attack in Washington should not be discounted." Incidentally, back in December, the Pakistani army -- U.S. "friend and ally" -- declared that this same man was a "patriot."...

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Episcopal Church defrocks "Muslim-Christian" priest

Certainly not your traditional "priest" And so the heretical Ann Holmes Redding saga has come to an end. Yet lest you accuse the Episcopal church of turning its back on its trademark "liberalism" and "tolerance," consider the fate of...

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"You were wise, oh Hitler, to rid the world of some of these wild pigs"

Who said that? Some pro-Israel European neofascist? Some pro-Israel American cryptofascist neo-Nazi sympathizer? No, this one doesn't come from the realm of mythical beasties -- this one is from a "poem" published by the Saudi poet Sa'd Al-Bawardi in the...

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Spencer: Sharia OK with Obama's Top Lawyer

In Human Events today I discuss Harold Koh and the implications of his appointment: President Obama has tabbed the former dean of Yale Law School, Harold Koh, to become the legal adviser for the State Department. Among numerous questionable and...

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Israel: Axe-wielding jihadist kills teenager, stabs 7-year-old; Hamas says it's part of "resistance"

A "natural reaction," they said. "Axe-wielding terrorist kills boy, 16, wounds 7-year-old," from the Jerusalem Post, April 2: An axe-wielding terrorist infiltrated the West Bank settlement of Bat Ayin Thursday afternoon, killing a 16-year-old boy after hitting him in the...

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Chief Islamic cleric of Palestinian Authority: Death to those who sell land to Jews

But they really sincerely want peace, deep down. All the learned analysts tell us so. "PA: Death to those who sell land to Jews," by Khaled Abu Toameh in the Jerusalem Post, April 1 (thanks to Vaughan): The Palestinian Authority...

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