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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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Jihadist group linked to pirates says it attacked U.S. Congressman

Al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (Â"Jihadist YouthÂ") is linked to al-Qaeda and advocates the strict application of Islamic law. It came to the fore in Somalia after the 2006 toppling by Ethiopian troops of the Islamic Courts Union government that ruled briefly in...

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Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs: Tool of Hamas-linked CAIR

Inside the LGF bunker Back in October 2007, libelblogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs first began tarring several European political parties as racists and neo-Nazis, and accordingly smearing the Counterjihad conference in Brussels as some kind of neofascist...

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Raymond Ibrahim: ObamaÂ's Abominable Obeisance: Cultural Perspectives

2500 years of Continuity In a recent Pajamas Media article, I place Obama's recent bow to Abdullah in historical context. Hyperlinks can be found in the original:Is ObamaÂ's deep bow (with slightly bent knee) to the Saudi king as...

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Russia: Muslim father has daughter murdered for wearing a dress "that left her knees exposed"

His Muslim friends complained that she was behaving like a "fallen woman." So he paid an assassin $3,000 and the latter "seized the girl on April 8th as she was hurrying to classes. He and two accomplices drove her out...

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Filipino jihad continues, claims the lives of two Christian farmers

Surely the killing of farmers is un-Islamic? Actually, according to a legal manual dealing with Shafi'i jurisprudence, "Killing them [falahin, i.e., farmers] is permissible, based on their being infidels." (Mughni Al Muhtaj, vol. 3, p.223). "Al-Qaeda-linked gunmen kill 2 Filipino...

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Misunderstanders of Islam in Pakistan say that pols who don't back deal establishing Sharia in Swat are abandoning Islam

Honest Ibe Hooper, call your office. You're needed to explain to the Taliban that Islam and democracy are completely compatible, and Muslims who prefer secular government to Sharia are not abandoning Islam. Can you get the next flight to Islamabad?...

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Wilders speaking in Florida!

This one is a don't-miss event for anyone in the Florida area. The Host Committee includes many warriors for freedom -- notably ACT! for America; Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, who is doing so much to...

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Pirate: "In the future, America will be the one mourning and crying. We will retaliate (for) the killings of our men."

Acting like the aggrieved party, in hallowed jihadist practice. "US captain freed; Somali pirates vow to retaliate," by Todd Pitman and Pauline Jelinek for Associated Press, April 13 (thanks to all who sent this in): NAIROBI, Kenya – Bracing themselves...

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Fitzgerald: The Gulf's ruling families: these buffaloes should be headed for extinction

About the growing church in Qatar, this article says, Â"In recognition of potential concerns, the church does not have a cross on display outside and there are police stationed in vehicles nearby to ensure the safety of worshippers.Â" And it...

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Sharia banking growing in the West, despite its being a stalking horse for the introduction of Islamic law here

This is well known, and is detailed in this article. But Western financial institutions seem to be focused only on the bottom line. "Shariah bankers: West ready for faith-based alternative," by Simon Roughneen for the Washington Times, April 13: SINGAPORE...

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Outraged Christians riot over Lego Jesus

It's real -- the riots ain't News item: "Swedish church unveils Lego Jesus statue for Easter," from AFP, April 12: STOCKHOLM (AFP) – While most Christians mark Easter with prayers and song, one Swedish church opened its mass Sunday...

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Fitzgerald: Obama Says We Are Not At War With Islam, From Which We Can Conclude That Islam Is.....?

Barack Obama has now assured the worldÂ's Muslims that the United States Â"Is Not At War With Islam.Â" Apparently this declaration is supposed somehow to magically change things. Muslims will see us differently. And the deep source of their hostility,...

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Pro-Hamas conference in Ireland: "We supported the jihad and we will do so until Allah grants us victory"

The "wearing of the green": You're doing it wrong. Tiny Minority of Extremists Alert from Dublin, of all places: "Violence in Gaza a 'victory' for Palestinians," by Mary Fitzgerald for the Irish Times, April 13 (thanks to Paul): PRO-HAMAS...

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Qatari church doubles congregation -- but what would happen if a Qatari decided to join?

Â"ItÂ's nice to practise your own religion in a foreign land,Â" says one of the expatriates, and this church seems to be made up entirely of expatriates. Â"By giving licences to build churches, they are showing tolerance and respect for...

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