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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Thursday, April 16, 2009

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Pakistani jihadist says "we'll continue our struggle" to impose Sharia on all of Pakistan

And he said: Â'Â'People who opposed sharia were neither sincere to Islam nor the nation.Â'Â' He said it. Honest Ibe Hooper, please go to Peshawar and straighten this guy out. Teach him about the Peaceful, Pluralistic, and Democracy-Compatible Islam in...

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Complicity: Pakistan's Supreme Court orders release of jihadist cleric

Pakistan's slide into Sharia rule continues to accelerate. "Pakistan Grants Bail to Hard-Line Red Mocleric [sic]," from AP, April 15 (thanks to all who sent this in): ISLAMABAD (AP) -- Pakistan's Supreme Court ordered the release on bail Wednesday of...

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Harvard Muslim chaplain sees "wisdom" of Islamic death penalty for apostasy

"Great wisdom" in killing apostates, he said But of course it was all a misunderstanding. And that's no surprise. When has a Muslim spokesman in the West who espoused traditional Islamic teachings ever been understood correctly? The poor lambs...

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Sudan: Husband attacks and evicts wife, a convert to Christianity; brother beats and tries to knife her

Meanwhile, another woman "who left Islam is under a kind of house arrest by her family members for converting to Christianity... 'I find life very difficult,' she said. 'I feel lonely and isolated. How long will I have to live...

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Yemeni government pays kidnappers a $325,000 ransom to release Dutch couple

If the jihad al-mal, or "money-jihad," received a (temporary) set back in the Somali arena, (with the rescue of the American captain the Somalis thought they would get 2 million for) it is doing well in Yemen. Rest assured: wherever...

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Jihadist pirates: rocket attack on US ship was revenge

"The aim of this attack was totally different. We were not after a ransom." From raiding to jihad. "Rocket attack on US ship was revenge: pirates," from AFP, April 15 (thanks to JE): Somali pirates have attacked an American freighter...

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Muslim lawyer Choudary: It is an "obligation" to free fellow Muslims from infidel prisons

While this report portrays him as a "fanatic" for making such assertions, in fact, it is sharia law and the ulema articulating it that have laid down this obligation, this "fard," which should be carried out no less than the...

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Pakistan: "Miscreants" at it again, killing cops and blowing up girls' school

Of course, had this report explained the stated goals of these "unknown miscreants" -- the total application of sharia, including keeping females uneducated -- this story would make a bit more sense. "Cop killed, school blown up," from The News,...

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Pakistan: Sikh families leave area after Taliban demand jizya

A few years back a prominent moderate Muslim denounced the "fear-mongering of those obsessed with jihad, shariah, and the dhimma." He said that the dhimma was a thing of the past and should stay that way, and that "the dhimma...

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Surprise: Obama Administration against Pakistani Sharia deal

Gibbs: "The administration believes solutions involving security in Pakistan don't include less democracy and less human rights. The signing of that denoting strict Islamic law in the Swat Valley ... goes against both of those principles." Why is this a...

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Spencer: The Somali Pirates Are Jihadists

In Human Events this morning I discuss an almost completely ignored element of the Somali pirates' identity: they're jihadists. This week, we celebrate the Navy SEALsÂ' rescue of American ship captain Richard Phillips. Their action, from the night airdrop that...

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"Death to the slaves of Christians": Afghan men hurl stones at women protesting rape law

300 women had the courage to protest the law, which all too many women were prepared to accept and attempt to rationalize. "Afghan men hurl stones at 300 women protesting law that allows husbands to rape their wives," from the...

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