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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Thursday, April 9, 2009

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"Most" of 12 arrested in U.K. counterterror sweep were from Pakistan on student visas

An unsurprising update on this story. "Dozen anti-terror arrests made in Britain," from UPI, April 8: LONDON, April 8 (UPI) -- British authorities said Wednesday they arrested a dozen men in early counter-terrorism raids after a document about the investigations...

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Somalia: Islamists rape, and impregnate, Canadian captive

Desperately missing home And demand 2.5 million as ransom. Here's another arrangement: Instead of returning the Somali-Canadian terrorist just arrested back to Canada, Somalia can keep him and return in his stead these captive Canadians to Canada. Something of...

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Pakistani Christian man -- the "lowest of the low" -- murdered

"Explaining the reason behind rising incidents of discrimination, abduction, forced conversion and rapes [and murders, of course] involving vulnerable segments of society," a human rights advocate in Pakistan said, Â"You can always expect occurrence of such incidents in presence of...

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Jews "must drink from the blood of MuslimsÂ… but mix it with soda water"

A Hamas TV program is depicting Jews as feeding on the blood of Muslims. A Jewish father tells his son: "In order to please GodÂ… Shimon, my son, IÂ'd like to teach you something. You must hate the Muslims." Interestingly,...

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Pakistan insists on receiving "unconditional support" from U.S.

Its top officials are "irked" that the billions Obama has pledged in aid actually have strings attached -- probably conditions such as "this money is not to be given to the Taliban or al-Qaeda," and other unreasonable demands. To further...

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U.S. Defense Secretary: Obama outreach to Islamic world will pay dividends

"This isn't a war against Islam, and I think that the president's communicating this message. I think the challenge for the rest of the government is to figure out how to do that on a more comprehensive and continuing basis."...

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Ten arrested for jihad plots amid blundering in UK

Keystone Kops Alert from Absurd Britannia. Note that these suspected Al-Qaeda plotters are identified only as "men." Their guiding ideology and motivations are apparently irrelevant. "Ten arrested amid anti-terror blunder," by Gordon Rayner in the Telegraph, April 8 (thanks to...

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White House says Obama didn't bow to the Saudi King

Judge for yourself Libelblogger Charles Johnson of the once-worthwhile site Little Green Footballs, careless with the facts as ever, has claimed that Bush also bowed to the Islamic supremacist monarch. In reality, Bush didn't. But it is certainly true...

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Detroit anti-dhimmitude: Appeals court says Islamic divorce not legal in Michigan

What's sauce for the Islamic goose is not sauce for the Michigander. "Mich. court overturns ruling in Muslim divorce," by Ed White for the Associated Press, April 8 (thanks to Islam In Action): DETROIT - Declaring "I divorce thee" three...

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Iran charges Iranian-American journalist with espionage

When Obama issued his Nowruz message to Iran, it looked like appeasement. And now it is bearing the fruit of appeasement: increased bellicosity from the one being appeased. "Iran charges Iranian-American with espionage: report," from Reuters, April 8 (thanks to...

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Muslim girl gets $400,000 from Nevada school district in headscarf bully case

$400,000 for schoolyard bullying -- and with no proof, and no description of the alleged threatener! Do you think Jana Elhifny had some high-priced legal support from Islamic advocacy groups? If she actually received any death threats, that is abominable,...

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Fitzgerald: Islam has "shaped the world for the better"?

According to some reports, Obama said yesterday that Islam has "shaped the world for the better." Did the "gift of the Arabs" to Iran make Iranian civilization better? Is it not truer to say that despite Islam, Iranian poets such...

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Biden warns Israel not to attack Iran

Better to let them nuke Israel and be done with it, eh, Joe? "Biden warns Israel off any attack on Iran," by Paul Richter for the Los Angeles Times, April 8 (thanks to Errol Phillips): Reporting from Washington -- Vice...

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Obama wouldn't go to Normandy, but goes to Istanbul mosque

Priorities. He wouldn't go to Normandy to avoid offending...Germans. And of course he wants to avoid offending Muslims also, so he went to the Blue Mosque. The signals are clear. "Obama ends Europe trip with tour of Istanbul mosque," by...

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Somali pirates hijack U.S. ship

As we have shown here before, this piracy is jihad-related. What will Obama do? Offer to talk without preconditions with the pirates? "Somali pirates hijack U.S.-flagged container ship," by Daniel Wallis for Reuters, April 8 (thanks to all who sent...

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Spencer: Arab League Backs Darfur Genocide

In my Human Events column today I discuss the Tiny Minority of Extremists™ who make up the Arab League, and other spokesmen in the Islamic world who have backed the Sudanese government's jihadist genocide in Darfur -- as well as...

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Australia hospital removes Christian symbols from chapel to avoid offending Muslims

Even though the hospital already has a Muslim prayer room. Dhimmitude in Oz: "The chapel without a crucifix," by Paul Tatnell for the Mosman Daily, April 8 (thanks to Michelle): THE home of God at Royal North Shore hospital has...

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Taliban threat to kill founder of jihadist website: Never mind

For the moment: "The abduction of Ms. Giesbrecht, 53, has become a sensitive issue, and tribesmen of the embattled area are reluctant to speak on the matter openly." An update on this story. "Taliban militants shelve plans to kill Canadian...

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Somalia: Al-Shabab jihadist with Canadian passport held in plot to bomb rival faction

Funny how things like this keep happening: They're "misunderstanding" Islam in Canada, too. "Canadian arrested in Somalia allegedly member of Islamist militia," by Stewart Bell for the National Post, April 7: TORONTO — A Canadian has been arrested in Somalia...

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Belgium: Top court upholds headscarf ban in schools

Two schools prohibit "any type of head-covering or political or religious symbol." Any type: Everyone has to play by the same set of rules. Imagine that. "Belgium: Top court upholds headscarf ban in schools," from Adnkronos International, April 7: Brussels,...

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