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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Sunday, May 3, 2009

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Scottish government to tackle "Islamophobia" in schools

"We are not intending to educate people about the Islamic religion, but to challenge myths and stereotypes and encourage people to think critically about the information that they receive." Noble sentiments and all, but one must inquire: If the Scottish...

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Iraq: Mosque attacker close to al-Qaeda boss

The ignominy of a failed suicide attack Should make all would-be martyrs looking for glory and paradisial bliss think twice. More on this story. "Iraq says mosque attacker close to Qaeda boss," from AFP, May 2:KIRKUK, Iraq (AFP) —...

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State Department: Ayman Zawahiri new leader of al Qaeda

Leader of the pack At least according to this report. This, of course, is not surprising, since Zawahiri -- even if he is less "charismatic" than OBL -- has long been al-Qaeda's premiere ideologue. "Al Qaeda No. 2 Now...

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"It is insane how some non-Muslims quarters are bowing and scraping toward Allah in order to make the devotees comfortable"

An objective op-ed on BMI airlines dhimmitude. "Brit for Airline Forces Stewardess To Muslim Dress, Walk Behind Males," by J. Grant Swank, Jr. for the Post Chronicle, May 2:Lisa Ashton said NO. She walked off the job at BMI per...

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International Islamic law academy demands suppression of free speech

Don't these Islamic legal scholars know about Islamic tolerance? Anyway, note well that when they speak about maligning Islam, they mean -- as many Islamic spokesmen have made clear over the years -- "associating Islam with terrorism." And that of...

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Malaysia: Islamic groups none too pleased about ban on "automatic" conversions of children when one parent converts to Islam

Freedom of conscience? Only for the Muslim parent. Sharia Alert. "Conversion ban slammed," by Elizabeth Looi for the Straits Times, May 2: KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Cabinet's decision to ban religious conversions of young children has been slammed by various...

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U.S. intel: Some jihadist cells migrating from Pakistan border area to east Africa

This report corroborates an earlier one from July 2008 that noted the same pattern. Interesting, isn't it, how pockets of "extremists" and "militants" far removed from one another can end up "misunderstanding" and "hijacking" Islam in the same way? "'Jihadis...

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Surprise: Former 'enemy combatant' admits helping Al-Qaeda

The ACLU was enraged that he was being held unjustly. Now it turns out, by his own surprise admission, that he was an al-Qaeda op all along. "Former 'enemy combatant' admits helping Al-Qaeda," from AFP, May 2 (thanks to James):...

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Modern, moderate Malaysia bans Ahmadiyya mosque

Orthodox Muslims consider the Ahmadiyya to be heretics, and persecute them accordingly. I wouldn't go so far as to call them "moderate," as the headline here does, since they do believe in Islamic supremacism and the imposition of Sharia, but...

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Nine Muslim countries among top 13 "egregious" violators of religious freedom

With six more on the watch list. This is not just some coincidence: even though the countries named are not all Sharia states (with the exceptions of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Sudan), Sharia remains a cultural and legal presence to...

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Fitzgerald: Dumbing up: The case of Madeleine Albright

The statement by Madeleine Albright that "Islam is maybe the most democratic religion because there is nobody between you and God" is akin to that of Yusuf Estes, whose deficient understanding of democracy, and willful misrepresentation of Islam, were...

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