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Monday, May 18, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Monday, May 18, 2009

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Another great Islamic invention: the killer chip

Islamic apologists frequently point to real and exaggerated inventions by Muslims -- apparently in order to establish the greatness of Islamic civilization, and to imply that Sharia isn't so bad after all. Here at last is an invention that fully...

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Egypt: Muslims kidnap Copt under the protection of the police

I have just been sent this letter, which was sent by a Christian in Egypt to a Christian group. The letter appears here exactly as it was sent to me. I didn't write the bracketed material -- it was included...

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"The Zionist sun will set as soon as the sun of the Islamist state rises"

A clear statement of purpose. "Islamic Movement: Zionist sun will set," Sharon Roffe-Ofir for YNet News, May 16 (thanks to all who sent this in): "The Zionist sun will set as soon as the sun of the Islamist state rises,"...

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Somali jihadists capture another key town

"Jowhar is the home town of President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed - and now that the country's rainy season has arrived, the town is also the only passable route into central Somalia from the capital." "Somali militants capture key town,"...

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Taliban strategy: Win the hearts of the people, then abuse them

Â"The Taliban are quite intelligent. They initially presented a soft image to endear themselves to the population. However, once they take control of an area, you get to see their full cruelty on display." This description is somewhat reminiscent of...

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While Christian population dwindles in Muslim Middle East, it thrives in Israel

"In fact, the Christian growth rate has outpaced the Jewish growth in Israel in the last 12 years!" But you wouldn't know that reading the NYT; nor would you know that the main reason Christians are dwindling is due to...

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U.S. kills Taliban; Taliban kills handicapped children

Yet the overwhelming majority of Pakistanis see the U.S. as a greater threat than the Taliban, or al-Qaeda. "Car Bombing, U.S. Missile Strike Kill Dozens in Pakistan," from Fox News, May 16:PESHAWAR, Pakistan — A car bomb destroyed an Internet...

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Â"A lot of people think that terrorists are recruited in special recruiting grounds, but the truth is that it actually goes on in mosques a lot of the timeÂ"

Tiny Minority of Extremists Alert, and look at the workings of jihadist recruitment networks in Britain. The article includes the standard disclaimer that the recruiters "distorted" verses from the Qur'an to make their case, such as glossing over the killing...

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