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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Thursday, May 7, 2009

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Fethullah Gülen: the Turkish Khomeini?

Will this man destroy Turkish secularism? Building his empire in Philadelphia. Is he planning to return to establish Sharia rule in Ankara? "Fethullah Gülen: the neo-Ottoman dream of Turkish Islam," by Geries Othman for AsiaNews, May 6 (thanks to...

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"We will win, and they will die"

A befuddled CNN reporter interviews a forthright jihadist in Afghanistan. "Afghan Taliban spokesman: We will win the war," by Nic Robertson for CNN, May 5 (thanks to Winds of Jihad): ...The man in front of me is Zabiullah Mujahid --...

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Hirsi Ali: Lily-livered Europe has surrendered to Muslim bigots

Watching a civilization in decline In this superb piece, freedom fighter Ayaan Hirsi Ali chronicles Europe's confusion, demoralization and Islamization. "It's time lily-livered Europe stood up to Muslim bigots," by Ayaan Hirsi Ali in The First Post, May 5...

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Italy: 60% of mosques "run by fanatical imams"

Not surprising considering a letter from none other than Osama bin Laden was once found in an Italian mosque. Beware of halal butchers too: " While only 5% of Muslim immigrants attend mosque prayers, many more Muslims buy halal meat...

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Al-Qaeda exporting Reality TV complete with a hip-hop jihad vibe

"Mortar by mortar, shell by shell, only going to stop when I send them to hell" The "dirty kuffar" get rapped on once again. "Al Qaeda exporting jihad with a hip-hop vibe," by Paula Newton for CNN, May 4:LONDON...

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Muqtada al-Sadr promoted to "Ayatollah"

"Sign of Allah"? That is the literal meaning of "ayatollah." At any rate, now that Sadr's studies in Iran have come to an end he can put them to renewed use. "Iraq: Radical cleric becomes 'ayatollah,'" from Adnkronos, May...

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India: Pakistan is "taking U.S. for a ride"

"The Pakistan government wants the world to believe it is less stable and in need of assistance, to be bailed out, but giving them more economic aid is like giving the bottle to an alcoholic," said one source. "Pakistan 'is...

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UK: Jihadist who called for beheading of any Muslim in the British Army freed from jail early

They won't let Geert Wilders or Michael Savage into the country, but this jihadist, who wants to destroy the British state, is free. Absurd Britannia Alert: "Radical preacher Abu Izzadeen freed from jail early," from the Telegraph, May 6 (thanks...

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UK: 8 KFC outlets going to halal-only menu

Here is yet another indication of how pleas by Muslim minorities for pluralism and tolerance all too quickly turn into Islamic supremacist assertions that non-Muslims must abide by Islamic norms. And in this case, as in so many others, the...

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Pakistan: Jihadists warn doctors not to wear Western clothes

Can't heal the sick wearing a tie, doncha know. Sharia Alert from the brave new Islamic Pakistan: "Militants warn doctors not to wear western clothes," from Dawn, May 6 (thanks to James): PESHAWAR: Hospitals in Peshawar have received threatening letters...

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Traces of weapons-grade uranium found in Egypt

Uh, we can explain. It's not ours; we were just, uh, holding it. But anyway, all the cool kids are enriching uranium, so, like, lighten up. "IAEA: weapons grade uranium traces found in Egypt," by George Jahn for the Associated...

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Texas columnist: Some Muslims aren't waging stealth jihad, therefore no Muslims are

This column from a Texas paper encapsulates the woolly thinking that prevents so many Americans from understanding the jihad threat in all its forms. "What were Republicans thinking by 'Rumble at Romano's'?," by Bud Kennedy in the Star-Telegram, May 5...

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Shocker: Report on religious freedom says Pakistani gov't does nothing to protect minorities

No kidding. "Government does nothing to stop violence against PakistanÂ's minorities," by Qaiser Felix for AsiaNews, May 6: Islamabad (AsiaNews) – Violence against religious minorities is commonplace in Pakistan, one of 13 countries named by the US Commission on International...

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Obama may try to force Israel to declare and relinquish its nukes

As a sop to Iran. Yet another Which-Side-Is-Obama-On Alert: "EXCLUSIVE: Secret U.S.-Israel nuclear accord in jeopardy," by Eli Lake for the Washington Times, May 6 (thanks to Undaunted): President Obama's efforts to curb the spread of nuclear weapons threaten to...

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As the U.S. retreats from the Middle East, Iran rushes to fill the void

Nature abhors a vacuum. "As the U.S. Retreats, Iran Fills the Void," by Amir Taheri in the Wall Street Journal, May 5 (thanks to all who sent this in): Convinced that the Obama administration is preparing to retreat from the...

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Iran rejects legal reforms as "contradictory to Islam"

What? The Iranian Guardians Council thinks that measures to make their penal code more humane are contradictory to Islam? Apparently the mullahs are Islamophobes! "Iran stays execution of two minors: lawyer," from AFP, May 6 (thanks to James): TEHRAN (AFP)...

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Pakistan: Christians locking themselves in their homes for fear of Misunderstanders of Islam

They burned homes, told Christians to convert to Islam or be killed, and burned Bibles. Will Christians worldwide riot over these burned Bibles? Will the UN issue condemnations of "defamation of Christianity" and call for the outlawing of "Christianophobia"? Will...

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If you support Jihad Watch, please support Jihad Watch

Your donations will enable me to keep Jihad Watch going and to keep Raymond Ibrahim, Hugh Fitzgerald, and Marisol Seibold on the staff -- and will help us counter the relentless propaganda that is pumped out daily by the...

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"Israel would seek forgiveness, not permission" from U.S. on hitting Iran

Let's hope so. Because Israel sure isn't going to get permission from Obama. The freedom of the world may depend upon Israel's ability to act against the genocidal mullahs before they themselves strike. "Israel would inform, not ask U.S. before...

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Free Father Mattaos, unjustly imprisoned in Egypt

Free him Islamic law forbids Muslims to convert to other religions on pain of death, in accord with the words of Muhammad. This story illustrates how that law plays out in people's lives. A press release from the Christian...

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