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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Sunday, May 31, 2009

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Pakistani pol: Taliban is "un-Islamic"

Because it attacks "innocents" -- in this case, fellow Muslims. No word from Geelani on the propriety of attacking Infidels. "Syed Ali Geelani denounces Â'Taliban in Pakistan,Â'" from Dawn, May 30 (thanks to all who sent this in): SRINAGAR: Â'Acts...

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Raymond Ibrahim vs. Hamid Dabashi: Part 2

Part 2 of the YouTube version of "Islam and the West: Clash of Civilizations?" (Part 1 here; thanks to Ran-for-Sanity)....

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Taliban cell sent to bomb Britain

An imam was involved. Why didn't he instruct the plotters about the true, peaceful Islam? "Taliban target Britain on 'orders' from al-Qaeda," by Duncan Gardham for the Telegraph, May 29 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): A Taliban-trained terrorist was part of...

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Anti-jihad efforts outrage Muslims in Miami and Seattle

See a pattern? Feigning outrage and claiming discrimination -- it's a very effective tactic to deflect criticism and scrutiny. "Florida Case Angers Muslim Groups," by Joel Millman for the Wall Street Journal, May 30 (thanks to Twostellas): A federal immigration...

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White House moves to restrict free speech and stifle dissent from Obama policies

Right now they're talking about restricting free speech in connection with dissent from the stimulus bill. Norm Eisen, special counsel to the president for ethics and government reform (of all things), writes this: "Update on Recovery Act Lobbying Rules: New...

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Arizona: Muslim suing sheriff's office over right to wear beard

Even though "the sheriff's office was complying with workplace health laws governing face masks authorized for use in jail emergencies." More Muslim attempts for special accommodation in non-Muslim lands -- while non-Muslims can forget about mere equality in Islamic lands....

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232 Sudanese slaves liberated from jihadi overlords

As the list below shows, the slaves were variously beat, terrorized, blinded, raped, and so forth. But there is one thing they all experienced: they were all forced to convert to Islam (i.e., "Islamized"), revealing their tormentors' priorities. "232 Sudanese...

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Crucifixion: Justified in Islam?

Raymond just posted the story about the Saudis crucifying a young man. The Reuters story says: "Saudi Arabia says it is implementing Islamic sharia law to the letter..." Indeed. The Qur'an recommends crucifixion as a punishment for those who "spread...

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Saudis behead man, hang him on cross as "deterrent"

"Saudi Arabia says it is implementing Islamic sharia law to the letter and that sharia ensures full rights for Muslims and non-Muslims." "Saudi Arabia puts executed on display as deterrent," from Reuters, May 29:RIYADH, May 29 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia...

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Video shows Taliban planning deliberate civilian murder to blame U.S.

Â"'This wasnÂ't collateral damage. It was human sacrifice by the Taliban. Deliberate civilian murder.'... If not enough women and children were killed, the Taliban made plans to use grenades to ensure an international outcry over civilian deaths." "B-1 Video Shows...

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Hizballah: Elections part of jihad

Many Western analysts, even at the highest levels, seem to think that if a country is holding more or less free elections, then it attained "freedom," and that that in itself will be, in very large part if not in...

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Egypt: Two Copts rearrested, face extrajudicial decision from "reconciliation council"

A "reconciliation" coerced by arrest: You've got to hand it to the proponents of Sharia and its subjugation of women and non-believers: They can outdo Orwell himself. An update on this story. "Egypt: Two Copts rearrested in Abu Fana murder,"...

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"Whatever the decision, we will kill you": Member of prosecution team threatens woman on trial for "blasphemy" in Pakistan

And Islamic clerics stormed the courtroom to demand a guilty verdict, in an update on this story (scroll down to the second half of the article). "Pakistan: Islamic radicals storm 'blasphemy' hearing," from Compass Direct News, May 29: ISTANBUL, May...

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Canada set for another Sharia finance "first"

Building on S&P's new Sharia-compliant index. "Sharia ETF poised for launch," from the Globe and Mail, May 29: Islamic financial services company UM Financial Inc. has teamed up with Jovian Capital Corp. (JOV-T 7.500.456.38%) in a bid to list Canada's...

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Somalia: Jihadists in Kismayo ban filming of weddings, music

Sharia Alert. As was the case the last time the jihadists took over, it hasn't taken long for them to move against music and, in general, fun, in their drive to impose "order." "Somalia: Islamists in Kismayo Ban Filming In...

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