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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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Taliban: Swat deal is over

For the record, that's the "deal" Western leaders supported as a model for the way ahead. A little more than two months later, turned out it was merely a delay-tactic by the Taliban who, far from being content with sharia...

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Afghan government demands probe over alleged U.S. army Bible distribution

Former prime minister Ahmed Shah Ahmedzai laments: "This is a complete deviation from what they (the U.S. military) are supposed to be doing. I don't think even the U.S. Constitution would allow what they are doing Â… it is completely...

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Iran: We have a right to send weapons to Hamas and Hizballah

After all, it's one big happy jihad, right? Clash of Civilizations Update: "Iranian Leader Khamenei's Representative in Syria, Mojtaba Hosseini: Iran Has the Right to Send Weapons to Hizbullah and Hamas," from MEMRITV, April 20 (thanks to all who sent...

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Things banned in Islam: democracy, communism, socialism, constitutions, photographs, women outdoors

Or, in short, anything that runs counter to sharia law. Speaking of Islamic law, "Sufi Muhammad said the sharia system of governance not currently in force anywhere in the world, not even Saudi Arabia or Iran.... adding jihad becomes obligatory...

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Latest jihadi bloopers and blunders moment: Suicide-bomber detonates prematurely, killing self only

First a would-be suicide bomber gets tackled and smothered most ignominiously; now a suicide-bomber detonates prematurely killing only himself, without even managing to hurt anyone. Ideally, such less than impressive outcomes should make all would-be suicide bombers think twice about...

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Taliban: Pakistani government "enemies of Muslims" -- "Either weÂ'll be martyred or weÂ'll march forward"

About the Zardari government Muslim Khan said: "TheyÂ're worse enemies of Muslims than the Americans. TheyÂ're US stooges.Â" But surely the Moderate Taliban will soon appear and sit down to talk with Barack Obama. "Taliban vow to fight till death,"...

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Moderate, peace-loving Mahmoud Abbas mocks the idea of a Jewish state

More on this story, from Palestinian Media Watch, May 4 (thanks to all who sent this in). He said: "The 'Jewish state.' What is a 'Jewish state?' We call it, the 'State of Israel'. You can call yourselves whatever...

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General Commander of Iranian Army: "I do not think we will need more than 11 days to wipe Israel out of existence"

"According to the shari'a and the law, it is forbidden to obtain a nuclear bomb." Other Islamic authorities differ. More on this story from MEMRI (thanks to Clark): "General Commander of the Iranian Army Ataollah Salehi: It Will Take Us...

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"Can you imagine being forced to live as refugees in your own country?"

NY Human Rights Anti-Sharia Rally Update: Pamela Geller has now posted the texts of two of the talks from the Rally. Here is a sample of Arish Sahani's address on the plight of Hindus in the face of the...

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Iran threatens Israel with "destruction in 11 days"

A strange and ominous report from a German publication. Here is my rough translation of "'Zerstörung in elf Tagen': Iran bedroht Israel," by Ulrich W. Sahm in n-tv.de, May 3 (thanks to The Total Collapse): Iran has for the first...

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US worried that jihadists will seize Pakistani nukes, and Pakistani officials won't tell where they are

The headline the Telegraph gives to this article is "US 'concerned Taliban will snatch Pakistan's nuclear weapons.'" As the great philosopher once said to me, "Well, duh." Note that Pakistani authorities are not cooperating. "US 'concerned Taliban will snatch Pakistan's...

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Spencer: Why the ADL is wrong about Geert Wilders

My column in FrontPage this morning addresses the Anti-Defamation League's attack on freedom fighter Geert Wilders: After the heroic Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders spoke in Florida last week, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) condemned his remarks, saying: Â"In his speeches, he...

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New book by Bat Ye'or!

It's in Italian, but an English translation will be coming along. Bat Ye'or, the pioneering historian of dhimmitude and chronicler of Europe's self-induced decline into Eurabia, has now completed a new study of Islamic imperialism. Andy Bostom has the...

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Iraqi in Denmark recruited suicide bombers; Denmark unable to deport him on "humanitarian grounds"

"The documents 'from several German terrorism trials show that PET believes that Amer Saeed has been the main organiser in Northern Europe for recruiting terrorists to Iraq,' Politiken said." It is most ironic to let him stay on "humanitarian" grounds...

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Why Obama is wrong, and Turkey should not join the EU

"Europe should halt all discussion of the matter until a secular government is reinstated, and one that supports Israel." Absolutely. "Should Turkey join the European Union? Obama says yes. He's wrong," by Abigail Esman in World Defense Review, April 30:...

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"These Talibans have ruined the reputation of Islam"

This is good to see. It would be better if they backed up assertions such as "the Taliban is the enemy of Islam" with some reasoned response to the Taliban's use of Islamic texts and teachings. Peaceful, secular Muslims...

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Jihad Watch has a "very explicit anti-Islamist agenda"

Thomas Hegghammer of the sometimes useful site Jihadica gives Jihad Watch a shout-out in Bellum (thanks to Salta): 1. SITE Intelligence Group, Jihad Watch — where does Jihadica fit into the mix? First, Jihadica is a very small, pro bono...

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Islamic cleric: Jihad Â"not mandatoryÂ" in Kashmir because people there are not demanding Sharia

Which illustrates yet again that the object of jihad is to establish Sharia. Sufi Mohammad agrees with Syed Moinullah Shah, but for different reasons. "Pro-Taliban cleric says jehad Â'not mandatoryÂ' in Kashmir," from Press Trust of India, May 4 (thanks...

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