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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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Karzai selects jihadi militant with "blood-stained hands" for vice presidential running mate

Apparently Karzai really wants to be re-elected. "Afghan president chooses warlord as running mate," by Jason Straziuso and Rahim Faiez for AP, May 4:KABUL – President Hamid Karzai chose a powerful warlord accused of rights abuses as one of his...

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Iraq: "Militia groups" sadistically torturing and murdering homosexuals

Including by "sticking glue up their anuses." More on this situation. "Â'They kill people like us,Â' says gay Iraqi," by Cheryll Simpson for NBC, May 4:BAGHDAD – Widespread violence is down across Baghdad, but not for one minority group. IraqÂ's...

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Latest jihadi prison-break plot hatched in gym-turned-mosque

"The room is now double-locked and patrolled by 12 officers with dogs while up to 70 Muslim inmates, including al-Qaeda operative Kamel Bourgass, gather for two-hour prayer meetings." Let's see now, 70 convicted jihadis gathering together for "two-hour prayer meetings"......

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Hamas offers Israel 10-year truce, so that it can destroy the Jewish State in 2019

Here is yet another example of how Western analysts miss the significance of what Islamic leaders are saying because they don't know Islamic doctrine and don't understand how important it is to the jihadists. The very fact that the leader...

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U.K.: "Unwelcome" list bars 22 "extremists" from entering the country... including Michael Savage

There's at least one jihadist on the list -- but it's more than disproportionate when one considers which party among those named below is actively instigating war with the U.K. and ultimately aiming to overthrow its democracy in favor of...

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Latest conspiracy theory: US behind Pakistani crisis to eliminate nukes

Furthermore, not only is America "not our [Pakistanis'] friend," but Â"We will never allow US to continue its mission of killing innocent people in Pakistan.Â" Of course not; that task is reserved for the Taliban. "US creating chaos in Pakistan,"...

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A message to Jihad Watch readers from Robert Spencer

Dear Jihad Watch reader, Day in and day out at Jihad Watch, we dare to expose the otherwise underreported or misreported activities of jihadists -- both violent and stealthy -- not only in America but also in Europe, Asia,...

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Iran threatens to destroy Israel, Obama vows to get tougher with...Israel

The establishment of a Palestinian state will only mean the establishment of a jihadist base from which to push forward toward the total destruction of Israel. And that, of course, is what Iran wants. Yet another Which-Side-Is-He-On Alert about our...

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Anomaly in Iran: adulterer stoned to death, adulteress "repented and so has not been stoned"

Usually women are stoned for adultery, while the men are exonerated. Sharia Alert from the Islamic Republic of Iran: "Adulterer stoned to death in Iran," from AFP, May 5 (thanks to JE): A man convicted of committing adultery has been...

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Fitzgerald: A "Jewish" State Is Of Course Verboten. But an "Arab" State Â….Now You're Talking

Well, well. So Mahmoud Abbas doesnÂ't like the idea of a Â"JewishÂ" state, that is, a state connected to a particular people or a particular religion. Or sometimes to a particular people and a particular religion. Mahmoud Abbas, you see,...

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