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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Saturday, May 9, 2009

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Obama will make his big speech to the Islamic world from Cairo

Cairo has been chosen as the site of the President's promised major address to the Islamic world. Brace yourself. Obama to Coptic Christians and Egyptian pro-democracy dissidents: drop dead. "Obama will travel to Egypt to address Muslim world," by Margaret...

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Trial in Canada: Muslim "killed his sister and her fiancé in an 'honour killing' rooted in anger over their engagement"

Honor killing trial opens in Canada. "Not a whodunit, so much as 'why did he do it?' defence says," by Neco Cockburn for The Ottawa Citizen, May 8 (thanks to Joseph): The flashes were quick, far in the dark distance...

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Lunch with a Weasel

Had a pleasant lunch today in the Jihad Watch headquarters here in Platte Center, Nebraska, with the proprietor of Weasel Zippers. Check out his site -- a useful and frequently enlightening source of jihad news!...

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UK bans cross-shaped medal as offensive to Muslims and Hindus

When in Muslim countries, non-Muslims must conform their behavior to Muslim sensibilities. In non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims must conform their behavior to Muslim sensibilities. Got it? It is a pity that the prevailing multiculturalist fog is such that the Hindus joined...

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Fitzgerald: Today's Chamberlains and Daladiers

When Chamberlain and Daladier betrayed, or rather sacrificed, Czechoslovakia, they did so because they wanted to believe that Hitler would be satisfied with the Sudetenland. They had no proof, but merely the will to believe, and they were not going...

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Raymond Ibrahim: Words, Knowledge, and Jihad: a Synthesis

Knowledge is inextricably linked to language. The less accurate words are, the less accurate the knowledge they impart; conversely, the more precise the language, the more precise the knowledge. In the war on terror, to acquire accurate knowledge — which...

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Pope professes "respect for Islam"?

That's the title of this report; in fact, the Pope said he had a "deep respect for the Muslim community." Major difference. Respecting the right of any one person to adhere to any religion (or not), that is, freedom of...

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Germany goes after pro-Israel, anti-jihad blogger

Seems like old times: "Germans acting as henchmen for the new Nazis — who were the GermansÂ' henchmen in WWII." "Germany Goes After Pro-Israel Blogger," by Julia Gorin at Republican Riot, May 8: One of the lone voices in Germany...

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Pakistan: Son of militant cleric killed, making future peace "even more uncertain"

Suffi Mohammed, AKA, Abu al-Shahid Considering that perpetual tribal vendettas and blood feuds are endemic to the lands of Islam -- though, based on the notion of "umma," they're not supposed to be -- even if peace was a...

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Egypt's "moderate" Brotherhood calls for end to peace treaty with "Zionist enemy"

This, by the way, is the same organization U.S. officials are busy "reaching out" to. "Muslim Brotherhood calls for more Â'activeÂ' role against Israel," by Yasmine Saleh for the Daily News, Egypt, May 7:CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood said May 15...

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Iraq: Al-Qaeda's revival follows U.S. release of 4,000 jihadists

4,000 "insurgents" released, and suddenly Al-Qaeda is resurgent. Obama's response? Release more! "Iraq blames Al Qaida revival on U.S. release of 4,000 insurgents," from the World Tribune, May 7 (thanks to Pamela): BAGHDAD — Iraq has launched another offensive against...

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Libya: Egyptian Christian imprisoned on charges of proselytizing

Personally, I have no problem with proselytizing. As long as the courteous Mormon boys don't kill me after I decline to convert, I don't mind talking with them -- and they never have so far. But in Libya there reigns...

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Anti-jihad rally in New York features coalition of victims of Islamic supremacism

Another report on this rally, which was groundbreaking in featuring the coalition that we need, and that we have been advocating at Jihad Watch for years: an alliance of all those threatened by the global jihad and Islamic supremacism, including...

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Pakistan: Lawyer threatens to kill Christian charged with "blasphemy"

And not just with his hourly billing charges, either. Here is yet another example of how Pakistan's blasphemy laws are used to terrorize innocent people. An update on this story: "Pakistan: Lawyer Threatens To Kill Christian Charged With Â'Blasphemy,Â'" from...

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