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Friday, May 15, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Friday, May 15, 2009

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Al-Qaeda diversifying its alliances with Pakistani jihadist groups

"Â'During recent fighting in Bajaur, senior Pakistani officers repeatedly insisted that the local villagers had been led astray by shadowy international militants,Â' the correspondent said..." Funny how these alleged misunderstanders of Islam keep finding each other and uniting under a...

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Amnesty International condemns amputations in Somalia, but sidesteps the role of sharia

Rather, the report attributes such punishments to the lack of the rule of law, ignoring the fact that amputation for theft is a mainstay of Islamic law. This underscores the obvious but crucial point that one man's "rule of law"...

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Jihadist involved with Oregon training camp convicted on 11 counts

Oussama Kassir Update. "Al Qaeda Supporter Convicted of 11 Counts," by Adam Klasfeld for Courthouse News Service, May 14: MANHATTAN (CN) - Oussama Abdullah Kassir aka Abu Abdullah aka Abu Khadija, a Swedish citizen who tried to establish a jihad...

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U.S. judge upholds $116 million jihad attack verdict against PLO and PA

The "Palestinians" deny all responsibility, of course. When has a jihadist ever accepted responsibility for his actions, or done anything other than point fingers at others? "U.S. judge upholds $116 million terror-attack verdict," by Maria Armental for AP, May 14...

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Attention Dutch-speaking Jihad Watchers: Eindstrijd and Spencer's Dhimmi-Gids are now available!

In February 2006 I spoke at a conference in The Hague at the invitation of the Lijst Pim Fortuyn, the Dutch political party that was carrying on the work of Pim Fortuyn, the great Dutch politician who dared to...

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Iran: Hamas is our Foreign Policy Wing in Israel

And yet Obama doesn't mind if Hamas plays a part in a Palestinian government that he will support. "Iran: Hamas is our Foreign Policy Wing in Israel," from Israel National News, May 14 (thanks to Eu Wei Choi): (IsraelNN.com) In...

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Illinois: Muslim student who faked hate crime seeks trial in mental health court

Crazy like a fox? She fabricated an anti-Muslim "hate crime." Despite an abundance of evidence that the faking of such hate crimes for political purposes is a thriving industry, she is now claiming to be mentally ill. "Muslim student...

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Danish bus firm tells Muslim women to remove their veils

Common sense: "it is normal that passengers holding photo travel passes should identify themselves to the driver or the conductor." However, the cries of "Islamophobia" are inevitable. "Danish bus firm tells Muslim women to remove their veils," from FOCUS News...

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Obama demands that Netanyahu not surprise him with Iran strike

Dictating how an ally deals with a common enemy, warning that ally not to strike against that enemy. Yet another Which-Side-Is-Obama-On Alert: "Obama warns Netanyahu: Don't surprise me with Iran strike," by Aluf Benn for Haaretz, May 14 (thanks to...

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Fitzgerald: Pope Benedict's colossal error

The Pope, as we all know, has recently been in Israel, and in Jerusalem, the city holy to Jews and to Christians, with one Muslim site -- deliberately located by an early Umayyad Caliph on top of the Temple...

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Somalia president signs Islamic sharia bill into law

As with the (now failed) "Swat deal" in Pakistan, will U.S. officials once again (privately) support this "sharia-for-peace" deal? "Somalia President signs Islamic sharia bill into law," from China View, May 14:MOGADISHU, May 13 (Xinhua) -- Somali President Sheikh Sharif...

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Turkey to open office in Brussels to educate Europe about Islam!

And to work to dispel "Islamophobia" -- you know, the linking of Islam with terrorism. Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate did not, unfortunately, announce any plans to open offices in Riyadh, Tehran, Gaza, Kabul, Baghdad, Swat Valley, Kashmir, southern Thailand, Indonesia,...

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Â"I fear the extinction of Christianity in Iraq and the Middle EastÂ"

More on how jihadists are driving Christians out of the Middle East. "Local Christians are torn between sounding the alarm and staying mum, unsure whether attention will reduce the problem or aggravate it by driving out those who remain." This...

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Lars Hedegaard, President of the Free Press Society Late last night I arrived back in the Jihad Watch headquarters in Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi, after traveling by transatlantic kayak from Copenhagen, Denmark, where I had the honor of addressing the...

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Jihadists may have plotted terror attack from prison

French citizens Here is yet another example of prison being used as a laboratory for jihad. ABC identifies the two men as French citizens, although it does note of Gendron that he is a convert to Islam. In not...

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Pakistan: "The threat of the Taliban is a hanging sword above the necks of Christians"

Aside from the Taliban, "the legal system informally discriminates against non-Muslims, and in recent years Christian villages have been ransacked by Muslim mobs incited by dubious reports that a Quran had been desecrated." No problem; surely the 2 billion dollars...

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Spencer: No Free Speech for Them

In the featured article at Human Events today, I discuss several recent attacks on free speech: Carrie Prejean is not the only one who is being demonized these days for expressing politically incorrect opinions; free speech had a bad...

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Al-Qaeda to Yemen: "The time for the rule of Islam has come so that you could bask in the justice and tolerance it brings"

Move over Pakistan and Somalia: jihad is bringing sharia to Yemen. "Al Qaeda calls for Islamic rule after Yemen violence," by Inal Ersan for Reuters, May 13:DUBAI, May 13 (Reuters) - Al Qaeda called on Wednesday for Islamic rule in...

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