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Monday, May 11, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Monday, May 11, 2009

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U.S. helps Lebanon nab Israeli spy rings

This is not a Which-Side-Is-Obama-On-Alert -- like so many short-sighted programs that ultimately aid the global jihad, it began before he was President. It was begun, no doubt, by learned analysts trained in realpolitik and blissfully ignorant of the jihad...

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Hate cleric and al-Qaeda trainer faces rope

Where? Lebanon. Ironically, this report indicates that he fled Britain in 2005. Considering that al-Qaeda convicts have been held in Britain since early 2000 -- and costing tax-payers a million dollars in legal fees -- he probably would've fared better...

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U.S. official: "Serious risk" of another Mumbai-style attack

"[T]he jihadist in Pakistan, whom he termed as the 'Frankenstein monster' wants the situation on the India-Pak front constantly boiling to divert the Pakistani army away from them and allow Islamic militants to grow and fester." One can make the...

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Obama invited to address Muslim world from Al-Azhar

Not only have Egypt's ulema "condoned Obama's decision to visit Cairo next month and to address the Arab and Muslim world from that city," but they are inviting him to do it from Al-Azhar, the world's most authoritative Sunni institution,...

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Fatwa from sheikh in Egyptian government ministry: Pigs are Jews cursed by Allah, and thus can be lawfully slaughtered

Now, where would Sheikh Ali Osman get that from? "Say: Â'O people of the Book! Do ye disapprove of us for no other reason than that we believe in Allah, and the revelation that hath come to us and that...

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Good news: Al-Qaeda no longer centered in Afghanistan; Bad news: It's well rooted in Pakistan

Which, among other things, means al-Qaeda is, at least geographically speaking, that much closer to a nuclear bomb. "Petraeus: Al Qaeda No Longer Operating in Afghanistan," from Fox News, May 10:Gen. David Petraeus says affiliated organizations still have "enclaves and...

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Saudi judge misunderstands Qur'an, says it's ok to slap wife

The Qur'an (4:34) tells men to beat their disobedient wives after first warning them and then sending them to sleep in separate beds. This is, of course, an extremely controversial verse, and many Islamic spokesmen and others in the West...

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UK: Jihad terror suspects under house arrest get job benefits

They can't work, as they are under house arrest, yet they are applying for and receiving "Jobseeker's Allowance" money, which is supposed to go only to those who are capable of working. These jihadists know how to collect Infidel money...

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Muslim chef sues BritainÂ's largest police force, claiming religious discrimination because he was expected to cook bacon and pork sausages

Stealth jihad in action: when Islamic law and Western customs conflict, in a Western country, which will have to give way? And what precedent will be set by the endless accommodation of Islamic rules and sensibilities? Either someone at some...

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