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Friday, May 29, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Friday, May 29, 2009

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Coordinated attacks in Peshawar; Taliban leader instructs followers to target soldiers' homes and children

The Taliban launches another attack on Peshawar, even as they ask to return to the truce they failed to observe in the first place, so they can regroup and fail to observe it some more. "Bombs, gun battle, rock Pakistan's...

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Islamophobes bomb mosque in Iran, killing 15 -- no, wait...

Whoever turns out really to have done this, do you think there will be worldwide protests at the desecration of the mosque? Or are such protests reserved only for when American or Israeli troops respond to fire that comes at...

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Syria teaching jihadists that their jihad is illegitimate

"I told them that there are restrictive rules in Islam for waging holy war. Jihad must be under the umbrella of the state and should be approved by one's parents." Unfortunately, probably many of the Muslims who hear this message...

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Singapore: Christians convicted of sedition for criticizing Islam

It is a crime, apparently, to cast Islam in a negative light, and once again those who commit this crime are not violent Islamic jihadists, but those who speak about the actions or motivations of those jihadists. "Christian couple convicted...

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National Association of Muslim American Women: Bronx synagogue jihadists wuz framed

The National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW) says it was all a frame-up: the diabolical FBI first persuaded these innocent Muslims that their religion mandated violence against unbelievers, and then involved them in this plot to blow up synagogues....

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UK: Muslim jailed for shining laser at landing plane

He did it because of the dope, doncha know. He was high, that's all, and just having some fun by trying to bring down an airplane. What's the big deal? I mean, who ever heard of a Muslim trying to...

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Abbas to meet with Obama today, demands that Netanyahu accept Palestinian state

Not that he has ever accepted the principle of a Jewish state. In any case, I expect that the contrast between this meeting and Obama's chilly meeting with Netanyahu will be marked, and we will see considerably more warmth and...

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Pakistan: Pastors arrested for using loudspeakers in Christian majority villages

Meanwhile in the UK, Muslims get to go around screaming through loudspeakers that Jesus was a Muslim. "Pakistan: Pastors arrested for use of loudspeakers," from Compass Direct News, May 27 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):Police claim amplified Easter Sunday service defamed...

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Indonesian Facebook Fatwa

The ulema would like Muslims to limit their use of Facebook -- even though it certainly has its uses. "Indonesia: Muslim edict issued against Facebook," from Adnkronos, May 27:Jakarta, 27 May (AKI) – Around 700 ulama or Islamic religious leaders...

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Tanzania: Muslims drive church from worship place in Zanzibar

"Angered by a recent upsurge in Christian evangelism in the area, church members said, radical Muslims had sent several threats to the Christians warning them to stop their activities." Sounds similar to recent events elsewhere in the Muslim world. "Tanzania:...

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Taliban claims Lahore suicide attack killing 24

"[T]he attack targeted the 'nest of evil' in Lahore, and was a 'humble gift' to the mujahideen." "TTP claims Lahore suicide bombing," from The News, May 28:ISLAMABAD: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Wednesday claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing on rescue...

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Taliban blows up (yet another) girlsÂ' school

They did warn that, "If we now kill schoolgirls, you shouldn't be surprised." "Taliban blow up girlsÂ' school in Hangu," from the Daily Times, May 26:LAHORE: The Taliban destroyed a girlsÂ' school in Hangu on Monday, a private TV channel...

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Spencer: Jailhouse Jihad

In the featured article at Human Events this morning, I discuss jihadist recruitment in prisons, which should be a chief concern of law enforcement officials in the wake of the Bronx synagogue jihad plot, and the implications of all...

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Rabbi in area of targeted synagogues says, "Don't blame Islam" for jihad plot

Rabbi Weiss's words are yet another example of the denial that is almost universal among analysts of the jihad threat today: in most circles, if you don't affirm that Islamic jihad supremacism as it is manifested today all over the...

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