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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Sunday, May 31, 2009

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Pakistani pol: Taliban is "un-Islamic"

Because it attacks "innocents" -- in this case, fellow Muslims. No word from Geelani on the propriety of attacking Infidels. "Syed Ali Geelani denounces Â'Taliban in Pakistan,Â'" from Dawn, May 30 (thanks to all who sent this in): SRINAGAR: Â'Acts...

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Raymond Ibrahim vs. Hamid Dabashi: Part 2

Part 2 of the YouTube version of "Islam and the West: Clash of Civilizations?" (Part 1 here; thanks to Ran-for-Sanity)....

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Taliban cell sent to bomb Britain

An imam was involved. Why didn't he instruct the plotters about the true, peaceful Islam? "Taliban target Britain on 'orders' from al-Qaeda," by Duncan Gardham for the Telegraph, May 29 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): A Taliban-trained terrorist was part of...

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Anti-jihad efforts outrage Muslims in Miami and Seattle

See a pattern? Feigning outrage and claiming discrimination -- it's a very effective tactic to deflect criticism and scrutiny. "Florida Case Angers Muslim Groups," by Joel Millman for the Wall Street Journal, May 30 (thanks to Twostellas): A federal immigration...

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White House moves to restrict free speech and stifle dissent from Obama policies

Right now they're talking about restricting free speech in connection with dissent from the stimulus bill. Norm Eisen, special counsel to the president for ethics and government reform (of all things), writes this: "Update on Recovery Act Lobbying Rules: New...

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Arizona: Muslim suing sheriff's office over right to wear beard

Even though "the sheriff's office was complying with workplace health laws governing face masks authorized for use in jail emergencies." More Muslim attempts for special accommodation in non-Muslim lands -- while non-Muslims can forget about mere equality in Islamic lands....

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232 Sudanese slaves liberated from jihadi overlords

As the list below shows, the slaves were variously beat, terrorized, blinded, raped, and so forth. But there is one thing they all experienced: they were all forced to convert to Islam (i.e., "Islamized"), revealing their tormentors' priorities. "232 Sudanese...

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Crucifixion: Justified in Islam?

Raymond just posted the story about the Saudis crucifying a young man. The Reuters story says: "Saudi Arabia says it is implementing Islamic sharia law to the letter..." Indeed. The Qur'an recommends crucifixion as a punishment for those who "spread...

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Saudis behead man, hang him on cross as "deterrent"

"Saudi Arabia says it is implementing Islamic sharia law to the letter and that sharia ensures full rights for Muslims and non-Muslims." "Saudi Arabia puts executed on display as deterrent," from Reuters, May 29:RIYADH, May 29 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia...

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Video shows Taliban planning deliberate civilian murder to blame U.S.

Â"'This wasnÂ't collateral damage. It was human sacrifice by the Taliban. Deliberate civilian murder.'... If not enough women and children were killed, the Taliban made plans to use grenades to ensure an international outcry over civilian deaths." "B-1 Video Shows...

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Hizballah: Elections part of jihad

Many Western analysts, even at the highest levels, seem to think that if a country is holding more or less free elections, then it attained "freedom," and that that in itself will be, in very large part if not in...

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Egypt: Two Copts rearrested, face extrajudicial decision from "reconciliation council"

A "reconciliation" coerced by arrest: You've got to hand it to the proponents of Sharia and its subjugation of women and non-believers: They can outdo Orwell himself. An update on this story. "Egypt: Two Copts rearrested in Abu Fana murder,"...

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"Whatever the decision, we will kill you": Member of prosecution team threatens woman on trial for "blasphemy" in Pakistan

And Islamic clerics stormed the courtroom to demand a guilty verdict, in an update on this story (scroll down to the second half of the article). "Pakistan: Islamic radicals storm 'blasphemy' hearing," from Compass Direct News, May 29: ISTANBUL, May...

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Canada set for another Sharia finance "first"

Building on S&P's new Sharia-compliant index. "Sharia ETF poised for launch," from the Globe and Mail, May 29: Islamic financial services company UM Financial Inc. has teamed up with Jovian Capital Corp. (JOV-T 7.500.456.38%) in a bid to list Canada's...

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Somalia: Jihadists in Kismayo ban filming of weddings, music

Sharia Alert. As was the case the last time the jihadists took over, it hasn't taken long for them to move against music and, in general, fun, in their drive to impose "order." "Somalia: Islamists in Kismayo Ban Filming In...

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Saturday, May 30, 2009

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UK school exercise: role play, or prayer to Allah?

A few years ago I was an expert witness in a case against the Byron Union School District in California, where public school students had been made to memorize and recite prayers and portions of the Qur'an, and to make...

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UK: "Moderate Muslims" fight "extremists," who shout, "Get back to your synagogue"

This is good to see, and it is the sort of thing we should have been seeing much, much more of all over the Western world if the conventional wisdom about Islamic terrorism being the result of the hijacking of...

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Netanyahu on the Obama White House: "What the hell do they want from me?"

"The official said that the basis of the Obama White House's resolve is the conviction that it is in the United States' as well as Israel's interest to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." Does it not ever occur to anyone in...

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Representatives to Obama: "As you prepare to address the 'Muslim world' on June 5th from Egypt, we ask that you remain mindful of the power of your words"

This letter is far from perfect, and contains some highly questionable assertions and recommendations. Helping Pakistan in its war against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda? We have been doing that for years, and have only ended up helping the Taliban and...

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Iranian official on mosque bombing suspects: "According to the information we obtained they were hired by America and the agents of arrogance"

Yesterday I headlined my post about this mosque bombing, "Islamophobes bomb mosque in Iran, killing 15 -- no, wait..." I was, of course, being sarcastic. But now an Iranian official is essentially saying the same thing, and Jalal Sayah is...

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Nashville: Muslim group shuts down conference featuring Geert Wilders

Hotel caves to Islamic intimidation. Free Speech Death Watch Alert: "Muslim Group Shuts Down Conservative Conference," from Newsmax, May 28 (thanks to all who sent this in): The manager of a prominent Nashville hotel cancelled a contract with a conservative...

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Jordan arrests four jihadists -- including a Gitmo recidivist -- plotting terror attacks against Israel

Close down Gitmo! Bring the prisoners stateside! "Jordan: Four arrested for terror plots," from the Jerusalem Post, May 29 (thanks to all who sent this in): Four Jordanians arrested in Jordan in April had planned to perpetrate terror attacks in...

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Raymond Ibrahim and Hamid Dabashi debate revisited

I have received several emails from people saying they were not able to view my debate with Hamid Dabashi from the ISI website. Here's a YouTube version, the first of six parts (parts 2-6 can be viewed directly on...

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The Egyptian government "clearly acted under pressure from Islamists" when it ordered the mass cull of pigs

"Pigs being beaten with iron bars, piglets being stabbed and animals being kicked alive into bulldozer buckets" An update on this story. "Cairo accused of conspiring with Islamists to cull 'unholy' pigs: Egypt's pig killing spree causes sectarian tension,"...

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"It is entirely possible to be Muslim and gay and there's many of us in Britain today"

According to some supporting a gay Muslim program. So what if Muhammad, Allah's Messenger and most perfect of all creation, condemned homosexuals to death, and they are being actively persecuted in jihadi hotbeds such as Iraq? "Gay Muslim story for...

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"The simple ultimatum — 'stop hurting people or face death' — is the only way you can talk to freaks that hate you and want you dead"

Some interesting Fox News opinions on the Taliban and truces: "Truces Mean Nothing to Nuts," by Greg Gutfeld for Fox News, May 28:On Tuesday, the Pakistani Taliban decided that it wants a peace deal — kind of like the one...

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Al-Qaeda threatens to attack Norwegian embassy in Kenya

"(Kenya) became the enemy of Islam ... and must (be) ready (for) Alqaeda attacks and revenge any time." Amazing: al-Qaeda attacks Kenya over the years, killing 240 people, and it wants "revenge" because Kenya has detained Somali jihadis. "Norway embassy...

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"Swedes" killed in Somali jihad

The Swedish publication The Local wants to consider these jihadists "Swedes," but it is doubtful that they consider themselves as such. "Swedes killed in fighting in Somalia," from The Local, May 29 (thanks to Lazy Buddha): Several young men who...

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Spencer: Jail Time for Jihadists

In the featured article at FrontPage today I discuss the 65-year sentences given to the leaders of the Holy Land Foundation, once the nation's largest Islamic charity: In a major blow to terrorism financing on American soil, the founders of...

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Jihad on the rise in Central Asia

The Soviets had kept the jihad in check, and after the fall of the Soviet Union it took some time for the global jihadist resurgence to reach Central Asia, but it is there now. Meanwhile, the analysis in this story,...

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US "ready to exchange technical experience with Libya"

Overtures to the Islamic world continue, all based on the bedrock assumption that if the U.S. shows enough good will, that good will eventually will be reciprocated. Or at very least, a marriage of convenience can be sustained at least...

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Obama greets Abbas with a gift: "a toughly-worded, categorical US demand for Israel to stop settlements in Palestinian territories"

There was, of course, no corresponding gift to Netanyahu -- only challenges to make various accommodations. "Obama, Abbas talk peace," by Farah Stockman for the Boston Globe, May 28 (thanks to James): WASHINGTON -- President Obama received Palestinian President Mahmoud...

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U.S.: Afghan Taliban may receive as much money from foreign donors as it does from opium sales

"Senior U.S. officials said the Taliban received significant donations from Pakistan -- where sympathy for the group is widespread in the country's Pashtun community -- and Gulf nations such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait." Tiny Minority of Extremists Alert. And...

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Standard & Poor's launches Sharia-compliant index in Canada

The article states that "Shariah law, based on the teachings of the Koran, does not allow for investment into companies that deal in pork, alcohol, gambling or pornography," and hey, that sounds nice, doesn't it? But here is the problem:...

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Malaysia court refuses to let Church use the word 'Allah'

There is a great deal of misunderstanding about this issue. Arabic-speaking Christians have used the word "Allah" for the God of the Bible for centuries -- some sources say since before the advent of Islam. But a Malaysia court now...

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Friday, May 29, 2009

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Coordinated attacks in Peshawar; Taliban leader instructs followers to target soldiers' homes and children

The Taliban launches another attack on Peshawar, even as they ask to return to the truce they failed to observe in the first place, so they can regroup and fail to observe it some more. "Bombs, gun battle, rock Pakistan's...

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Islamophobes bomb mosque in Iran, killing 15 -- no, wait...

Whoever turns out really to have done this, do you think there will be worldwide protests at the desecration of the mosque? Or are such protests reserved only for when American or Israeli troops respond to fire that comes at...

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Syria teaching jihadists that their jihad is illegitimate

"I told them that there are restrictive rules in Islam for waging holy war. Jihad must be under the umbrella of the state and should be approved by one's parents." Unfortunately, probably many of the Muslims who hear this message...

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Singapore: Christians convicted of sedition for criticizing Islam

It is a crime, apparently, to cast Islam in a negative light, and once again those who commit this crime are not violent Islamic jihadists, but those who speak about the actions or motivations of those jihadists. "Christian couple convicted...

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National Association of Muslim American Women: Bronx synagogue jihadists wuz framed

The National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW) says it was all a frame-up: the diabolical FBI first persuaded these innocent Muslims that their religion mandated violence against unbelievers, and then involved them in this plot to blow up synagogues....

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UK: Muslim jailed for shining laser at landing plane

He did it because of the dope, doncha know. He was high, that's all, and just having some fun by trying to bring down an airplane. What's the big deal? I mean, who ever heard of a Muslim trying to...

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Abbas to meet with Obama today, demands that Netanyahu accept Palestinian state

Not that he has ever accepted the principle of a Jewish state. In any case, I expect that the contrast between this meeting and Obama's chilly meeting with Netanyahu will be marked, and we will see considerably more warmth and...

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Pakistan: Pastors arrested for using loudspeakers in Christian majority villages

Meanwhile in the UK, Muslims get to go around screaming through loudspeakers that Jesus was a Muslim. "Pakistan: Pastors arrested for use of loudspeakers," from Compass Direct News, May 27 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):Police claim amplified Easter Sunday service defamed...

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Indonesian Facebook Fatwa

The ulema would like Muslims to limit their use of Facebook -- even though it certainly has its uses. "Indonesia: Muslim edict issued against Facebook," from Adnkronos, May 27:Jakarta, 27 May (AKI) – Around 700 ulama or Islamic religious leaders...

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Tanzania: Muslims drive church from worship place in Zanzibar

"Angered by a recent upsurge in Christian evangelism in the area, church members said, radical Muslims had sent several threats to the Christians warning them to stop their activities." Sounds similar to recent events elsewhere in the Muslim world. "Tanzania:...

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Taliban claims Lahore suicide attack killing 24

"[T]he attack targeted the 'nest of evil' in Lahore, and was a 'humble gift' to the mujahideen." "TTP claims Lahore suicide bombing," from The News, May 28:ISLAMABAD: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Wednesday claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing on rescue...

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Taliban blows up (yet another) girlsÂ' school

They did warn that, "If we now kill schoolgirls, you shouldn't be surprised." "Taliban blow up girlsÂ' school in Hangu," from the Daily Times, May 26:LAHORE: The Taliban destroyed a girlsÂ' school in Hangu on Monday, a private TV channel...

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Spencer: Jailhouse Jihad

In the featured article at Human Events this morning, I discuss jihadist recruitment in prisons, which should be a chief concern of law enforcement officials in the wake of the Bronx synagogue jihad plot, and the implications of all...

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Rabbi in area of targeted synagogues says, "Don't blame Islam" for jihad plot

Rabbi Weiss's words are yet another example of the denial that is almost universal among analysts of the jihad threat today: in most circles, if you don't affirm that Islamic jihad supremacism as it is manifested today all over the...

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Thursday, May 28, 2009

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Afghanistan destroys books deemed insulting to Sunnis

In the recent case, it was a load of pro-Shi'ite books from Iran that was destined for the bottom of the Helmand River. Ironically, the Afghan government has thus ignited sectarian strife by supposedly aiming to prevent it. And the...

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Pakistan: Jihadists attack historic church, burn Bibles, destroy altar and cross -- police reluctant to investigate

Â"They are not investigating it as they would if the attack had been on a mosque.Â" "Suspected Al Qaeda, Taliban Militants Destroy Pakistan Church, Christians Say," from Worthy News, May 26 (thanks to Weasel Zippers): ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (Worthy News)-- Suspected...

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Hamid Dabashi and Raymond Ibrahim debate "Islam and the West"

"Clash of Civilizations" The Intercollegiate Studies Institute recently posted a video of a debate I had with Columbia UniversityÂ's Hamid Dabashi, entitled, Â"Islam and the West: Clash of Civilizations?Â" In part due to Dabashi's adamant and passionate position, I...

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Holy Land Foundation chief sentenced to 65 years in jail

"Jurors found him guilty on 34 charges, including support of Hamas, money laundering and tax fraud." An update on this story. "Holy Land Foundation chief sentenced to 65 years," by Jason Trahan for the Dallas Morning News, May 27: DALLAS...

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Pakistani government vows to wipe out Taliban from Swat in the next 2-3 days

"In Swat valley's capital, Mingora, the business and administrative hub of the district, the military said troops carried out house-to-house searches, while clashes in the area left eight insurgents dead." Now the Taliban's "concern" for the people of Mingora makes...

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Bostom: Stop ignoring Islam's antisemitic doctrine: Bronx bomb plot reminds us of a core religious problem

In "Stop ignoring Islam's antisemitic doctrine: Bronx bomb plot reminds us of a core religious problem" in the New York Daily News, May 27, Andrew Bostom tells some truths about the Bronx synagogue bomb plot that have been largely ignored...

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Coptic organization to Obama: "Reconciliation with the Islamic world is a two-way street"

"Mr. Obama: reconciliation cannot be separated from reciprocation. The Islamic World must not demand from us that which they are unwilling to return to us and to extend to their own citizens of other religions. I hope you help them...

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Uzbek jihadis claim latest attack

No surprise, since five years ago, Uzbekistan was predicted to be the "New Terror Central." "Islamic Jihad admits responsibility for attacks in Khanabad," from Interfax, May 27:Moscow, May 27, Interfax - The Islamic Jihad group has said it was responsible...

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Obama to visit Saudi Arabia -- will he take in a beheading or an amputation?

Speak out against religious apartheid, Mr. President! The story says he will attend no public events, but why not? As long as he wants to show the Islamic world that he respects Muslim culture, why not pay his respects...

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Muslims kill Hindu boy for dating a Muslim girl

"They have confessed to having strangled Amandeep and smashed his face with stones.Â" Islamic law, of course, forbids a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man, although a Muslim man may marry a non-Muslim woman -- thus ensuring that non-Muslim...

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New book explains the price of U.S. failure to understand Pakistan -- and what we should do instead

A much-needed review of an important new book, Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War by Moorthy S. Muthuswamy. "BOOK REVIEW: Reversing U.S. policy in AfPak," by Diana West in the Washington Times, May 27: As the U.S. military...

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Saudi Gazette: "Negative coverage of Islam and Muslims in the media is no secret and itÂ's making people averse to Islam"

Once again, it doesn't seem to occur to this writer that "Islamophobia," if any irrational hatred of Muslims actually exists at all, is caused by Islamic jihadists doing evil and justifying it in the name of Islam -- not by...

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Pentagon: Yes, one in 7 released from Gitmo really do return to jihad

This statistic came out in the New York Times last week, and then the Times reporter seemed to backpedal on it. Now the Pentagon has reaffirmed it. "One in 7 who leave Guantanamo involved in terrorism," from ReutersReuters, May 26...

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Greece: Muslim associations sue policeman for allegedly desecrating a Koran

And "demand" an apology. More on this story. "Greek Muslim associations sue policeman," from SETimes.com, May 26:ATHENS, Greece -- Muslim associations in Athens have filed a lawsuit against a policeman who allegedly desecrated a copy of the Koran last week,...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026287.php>
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Saudi arrested in Pakistan asked mother's blessing to perform jihad

"And left despite her refusal." This account tries to imply that, by going against her wishes, this young jihadi was behaving erroneously. In fact, he almost certainly was aware of that centuries old ruling that, when jihad becomes an individual...

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Somalia: Al-Shabaab challenged by another Islamist group

Ahlu Sunna Waljamaca ("The people of sunna and consensus"). Reading this report, however, one would think they're just another "armed" Somali group, with no Islamist overtones. "Somali Armed Group Says ItÂ's Poised to Defeat Al-Shabab," by Peter Clottey for the...

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Taliban: Â"We will fight for the enforcement of sharia law till the last drop of our blood"

However, the Taliban now claims to be concerned for the "safety of civilians" in the Mingora region -- where it once ordered the killing of women seen in the market place. "Taliban will avoid combat in Mingora," from the Daily...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026291.php>
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"If We Now Kill Schoolgirls, You Shouldn't Be Surprised"

I promise not to be. But many of the learned analysts will be -- after all, why doesn't Obama's Moderate Taliban rise up and put a stop to this sort of thing? "'If We Now Kill Schoolgirls, You Shouldn't Be...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026288.php>
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Woman caned 39 times for claiming that a neighbor was her son's father (he said he wasn't while holding a Koran)

In Sharia court a womanÂ's testimony is worth half as much as that of a man. Says the QurÂ'an: Â"Call in two male witnesses from among you, but if two men cannot be found, then one man and two women...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026286.php>
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Taliban to Pakistani govt: Hey, how about if we stop fighting if you allow Sharia in Swat

In other words, can we just have the deal you offered us before we tried to take over the whole country? But this time the Pakistani government is saying No Dice. "Taliban seek return to peace deal in Pakistan," from...

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Turkish author on trial for insulting Islam

Think this can't happen in the West? Geert Wilders is already on trial in The Netherlands for insulting Islam. But this can't happen in the United States -- we have the First Amendment, right? Sure. But the Organization of the...

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Chicago: Police raid in case "similar" to New York synagogue jihad bombing plot

"A source in federal law enforcement told Fox Chicago that the case is similar to one that unfolded in New York yesterday" -- that is, May 21, when the Bronx synagogue plot was foiled. Bronx synagogue plot background here. "Police...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026283.php>
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Fitzgerald: Countering Da'wa In American Prisons

FBI Director Robert Mueller was recently quoted saying that American prisons were "fertile ground for extremists." And a 2006 study, "Out of the Shadows," said that "tight-knit communities of Muslims in prison are ripe for radicalization, and could easily become...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026282.php>
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MILF attacks village, forces 250 people to flee their homes

True to form, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) jihadists claim they are only responding to aggression -- despite the fact that the Filipino government allowed them to establish Sharia in the southern part of the country. "Muslim rebels bomb...

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"Recitation of verses from the Koran, while Ilan's tortured screams could be heard in the background"

In "The Halimi Cover-Up" in Israel National News, May 26, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs discusses the strange silence surrounding the trial of the killers of Ilan Halimi -- a silence that is sadly typical when it comes to incidents...

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Mona Charen: Is It All About Britney?

In her May 22 column "Is It All About Britney?" (thanks to Boneshack), columnist Mona Charen takes down Dinesh D'Souza's ridiculous 2006 book The Enemy At Home, which I discussed here and in many other places at Jihad Watch. In...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026279.php>
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Spencer: Muslims Commit Terror, Muslims Condemn Terror

In FrontPage this morning I discuss Muslim condemnations of the Bronx synagogue jihad plot: The Muslims who were arrested last week for plotting to blow up two Bronx synagogues and bring down an airplane have exposed yet again the virulence...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026278.php>
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Islam and the Golden Rule

Yesterday a Jihad Watch reader wrote to me taking issue with an article I posted here at Jihad Watch four years ago, "The Golden Rule and Islam," by Ali Sina of Faith Freedom, author of Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography of...

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"If the terrorists misinterpret Islam, then so does Mohammad"

Common sense analysis -- such as is sadly lacking in Washington -- on the jihad threat. "If the Terrorists Misinterpret Islam Â…," by David Steinberg for Pajamas Media, May 25: [...] The world&#8217;s current conflicts: an Islamic revolt in Pakistan,...

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Israeli Foreign Ministry: Venezuela, Bolivia sending uranium to Iran

Years of activity by Iran and by Hizballah in Latin America, encouraged by radical, anti-U.S. leaders, will likely come back to haunt the region. One they're there, getting Hizballah cells in particular to leave will be ugly if a future...

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Ahmadinejad challenges Obama to debate at U.N.

After Bush declined the offer in 2006. When will the long-winded letters start? "Ahmadinejad Renews Call for Open Debate with US President," from the Fars News Agency, May 25: "As I invited the US president to a debate in (my...

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Muslims criticize producers of Seattle police training program

"They say Seattle police should not be undertaking training sponsored by a group they believe is spreading fear of Muslims, regardless of how good the training is." In short, they are angry that the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which, among other...

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Shariah-compliant Finance: Benign? or Belligerent?

What's the big deal about Shariah Finance? No one seems particularly concerned about it, but they should be. Here is an illuminating presentation on a key aspect of the stealth jihad: "Law Offices of David Yerushalmi present Shariah-compliant finance 'disclosure'...

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Greece: Muslim anger ignites violent new response

"Unrest in Greece's community of Muslim immigrants is something new, analysts say. 'For so many years, they've been scared and defensive,' said Takis Geros, a lecturer of anthropology of the Middle East at Panteion University. 'To suddenly come out in...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026270.php>
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New York City: Bomb goes off outside Starbucks

There is no telling who did this at this point. It could have nothing at all to do with jihad. So why am I posting it? Because New York Islamic jihadist Youssef al-Khattab, who calls for genocide and has threatened...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026272.php>
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Philippines: Muslim lawmakers pushing for more sharia courts

Even though, as this story notes, the last time the Filipino government conceded to sharia law, the more violence came out of it. "Creation of more Shariah courts across the country pushed Philippine lawmaker tables bill for more Sharia courts,"...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026269.php>
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Copts detained "as 'scapegoats' to draw the attention from the scandal of the Arab attack on the ... Abu Fana Monastery"

When monks were abducted, tortured, and forced to spit on the cross. "Two Christian Copts Detained for Third Time in Egypt," by Mary Abdelmassih for AINA, May 21:(AINA) -- Two Christian Copts, brothers Refaat and Ibrahim Fawzy Abdo, who were...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026268.php>
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Today is a rather unusual Memorial Day, in that as we remember those who have fallen to preserve the American Republic, the new President is proceeding for the most part according to the assumption that conflicts never need to...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026267.php>
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Palestinian Muslims desecrate Christian graves

Just after the Pope praised efforts for a Palestinian state comes this show of gratitude from Palestinian Muslims. "PA Muslims Desecrate Christian Gravestones," by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu for Israel National News, May 25: Palestinian Authority Muslims went on a rampage...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026266.php>
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British pensioners fight off Somali pirates with deck chairs

You're never too old to resist. "Hero cruise ship Britons fight off armed Somali pirates with deckchairs and tables," from the Daily Mail, May 22 (thanks to all who sent this in): British pensioners on a cruise ship bravely fought...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026265.php>
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Muslims from U.S. waging jihad in Somalia

They left Islamic countries, or their parents did, for the West. But in the West -- abetted by multiculturalism -- they maintained or imbibed Islamic sensibilities, and returned to the jihad when the call to do so went out. "The...

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Monday, May 25, 2009

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Spencer on FoxNews discussing jihad recruitment in prisons

Here is a poor quality video of my appearance on Fox News this morning discussing how jihadists are recruiting in prisons all over the country. If anyone has a better quality video, please let me know!...

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Islamic jihadists attack Hare Krishna temple in Bangladesh

And as is so often the case when jihadists rampage in Muslim countries, the local police did nothing. "Terrorists Attack ISKCON Temple in Chittagong, Bangladesh," from ISKCON News Weekly, May 23 (thanks to Religion of Peace): On May 18, ISKCON...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026262.php>
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Muslim shoots daughter to death because her behavior "violated the tenets of Islam"

Cleansing his "honor." "'Honor' Murder in Beit Jan," from Israel National News, May 23 (thanks to Religion of Peace): (IsraelNN.com) A resident of Beit Jan arrived at the Carmiel police station on Saturday night with his badly wounded daughter, aged...

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Minneapolis imam speaks of "the hell of living in America"

No one is forcing you to stay in this hell, Mr. Mohamud. "Minneapolis Imam Decries Â'the Hell of Living in America,Â'" by Patrick Poole for Pajamas Media, May 22: As the FBI has ongoing investigations in numerous cities across...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026260.php>
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Russia buddies up to Hamas

Over the years Russia has again and again shown itself to be dangerously short-sighted in aiding the global jihad. Here is yet another example. "Russia sees Hamas taking more 'realistic' path," from the Associated Press, May 24 (thanks to Weasel...

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Netanyahu rejects Obama's call to fly UN flag over Western Wall

The Israeli flag will remain, as Netanyahu refuses to play the dhimmi at Obama's behest. "Bibi Rejects Obama's 'UN Flag at Kotel'; Star of David to Remain," by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu for Israel National News, May 23 (thanks to all...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026258.php>
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Spencer on Fox News

I was on Fox News a little after 7AM Pacific time this morning to discuss jihadist recruitment in prisons with Eric Shawn. The segment doesn't seem to have made it anywhere onto the Internet, but if it does, I will...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026257.php>
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Belgium to accept Gitmo inmates

Who will surely assimilate there about as well as their counterparts in DC. "Belgium still ready to take in Guantanamo inmates," from GEO, May 22:BRUSSELS: Belgium's foreign minister says his government remains committed to taking in several detainees from Guantanamo...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026256.php>
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Al-Qaeda links found in Egypt: "This is a big issue, it's the first time we can say Al-Qaeda is in Egypt"

So says an Egyptian security chief; apparently Egyptian al-Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri does not count. "Egypt arrests Qaeda cell over deadly Cairo bombing," by Samer al-Atrush for AFP, May 23:CAIRO (AFP) — Egypt said on Saturday that police have arrested...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026255.php>
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Somalia: Suicide attack leaves at least seven dead

Somali jihad update: "At Least 7 Die In Suicide Attack As Clashes Intensify In Somali Capital," by Mayur Pahilajani for AHN, May 24:Mogadishu, Somalia (AHN) - At least seven people were killed in Somali capital city of Mogadishu after a...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026253.php>
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Jailed U.K. jihadists: Ban women prison guards at prayer time, and while you're at it, give us our own mosque

You'll want to read this sitting down. "Jailed Islamic extremists want ban on women prison officers," by Justin Penrose for the Mirror, May 24 (thanks to Twostellas): Jailed Islamic extremists want women prison officers banned from guarding them during Friday...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026252.php>
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Shocker: "Gender issues" block medical care for Iraqi women

One person interviewed below insists that this situation arises out of "ignorance," not Islam. Indeed, whenever embarrassing issues in Muslim countries come under international scrutiny, we are assured that the problem is not with Islam, but with "culture." However, wherever...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026251.php>
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Al-Qaeda trainees back in Europe -- planning to strike there?

Maybe they won't need to, with the stealth jihad advancing almost unresisted there. "Al Qaeda recruits back in Europe, but why?," by Sebastian Rotella in the Los Angeles Times, May 24 (thanks to Danielle): Reporting from Brussels -- Determined to...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026250.php>
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Bangladesh emerges as a safe haven for jihadists from Britain

"Rising numbers of British-born fundamentalists are travelling to Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) for jihadist training, prompting the Bangladeshi government to launch a database to monitor the movements of suspected terrorists." "Bangladesh is 'safe haven for British Islamic terrorists'," by Rachel...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026249.php>
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Sunday, May 24, 2009

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
Home page: <http://jihadwatch.org/>

Anti-dhimmitude in the UK: Muslim chef loses case over having to handle pork

He was "humiliated" at the prospect of actually doing the job for which he was hired, but in this one case at least, the principle that Western law and custom must in all cases give way to Islamic law does...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026248.php>
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14 hurt in Muslim riots over alleged Qur'an desecration in Greece

An update on this story. "Muslim migrants riot in Athens," from The Age, May 24 (thanks to all who sent this in): Dozens of cars have been smashed, 14 people injured and 46 arrested in riots by Muslim migrants over...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026247.php>
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Breastfeeding fatwa sheikh back at Al-Azhar

Ezzat Attiya is the fellow who was ridiculed worldwide and fired from Al-Azhar after coming up with what appeared to be a novel solution to a long-standing problem: how could unrelated men and women work together in the same office,...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026246.php>
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UK: Muslim rides around yelling through a loudspeaker that Jesus was a Muslim

No one batted an eye. But just imagine the outcry if a Christian had ridden through a Muslim area calling out on a loudspeaker that Muhammad was a false prophet. "Jesus was a Jew—not a Muslim," a letter to the...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026245.php>
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Former DC imam: "Encourage peoples from all over the world to go to Palestine" to wage jihad against Israel

Previously, he has glorified Khomeini, justified suicide bombing, and preached Islamic supremacism. He is now in Tehran. "Former Washington DC Imam urges stepping up Palestinian struggle," from IRNA, May 18 (thanks to Gabrielle Goldwater): Tehran, May 18, IRNA -- Imam...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026244.php>
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Sheikh Al-Azhar urges jihad against terrorists

Yet once again he doesn't explain how exactly they're getting Islam wrong. And considering that he himself has endorsed suicide attacks against Israelis, it is unlikely that his vision would be all that peaceful in any case. One also wonders...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026243.php>
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"Human rights should not be necessarily in unison with particular western values and standards as Muslim communities have their own reading of human rights"

Sho nuff, or, Indeed they do Absolutely: the restrictions on freedom of speech and freedom of conscience, the institutionalized inequality of rights for women and non-Muslims -- it's just a different vision of human rights, you see. This kind...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026242.php>
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I guess they really were Crusaders after all -- no, wait...

Islamic jihadists have always been intent upon characterizing their opponents as Crusaders (or Zionists, or both, as in the indelible honorific Al-Qaeda's Adam Gadahn bestowed upon me: "Zionist Crusader"). Shortly before the beginning of the Iraq war, on November 8,...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026241.php>
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Islamic world: Christians unwelcome

Islamic Tolerance Alert: "EDITORIAL: Christians unwelcome here: The Muslim world is becoming more intolerant," from the Washington Times, May 17 (thanks to all who sent this in): As the West continues to reach out to the Muslim world with a...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026240.php>
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Anti-dhimmitude in Tennessee: New restaurant to sell alcohol, contrary to Muslim demands

Non-Muslims refuse to bow to demands that they abide by Islamic law in...Knoxville, Tennessee. An update on this story, posted somewhat belatedly. "The Hill to sell alcohol next week despite mosque concern," by Jessie Pounds for the Knoxville News Sentinel,...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026239.php>
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Egypt: Copts being falsely arrested, imprisoned, and tortured -- even more than usual

"Local sources told Compass that in the last few months there has been a wave of arrests of Christians who are held with no official charges. Sources spoke of cases where detainees are held for months in prison, where they...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026238.php>
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U.S. state prisons are major breeding ground for Islamic radicalization

At least two of the four Bronx synagogue jihadis "entered the system as Baptists and were paroled as Muslims." More on this story. "State prisons are major breeding ground for Islamic radicalization," by Wil Cruz, Joe Kemp and Patrice O'Shaughnessy...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026237.php>
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Taliban threatening and beating people dressed in Western attire

More on this story. "Peshawar locals warned against wearing western clothes," from The Dawn, May 21:PESHAWAR: Taliban hardliners are warning people against wearing Western clothes in the capital of PakistanÂ's northwest region where the military is battling militants, residents said...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026236.php>
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Pakistan promises no more "talks" with Taliban

"The United States had criticised PakistanÂ's policy of making deals with the militants..." Not always. "General rules out talks with Swat Taliban," from The Dawn, May 23:KHWAZAKHELA: Major-Gen Sajjad Ghani, who is leading the ongoing military offensive in the upper...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026235.php>
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Report: Nearly 1000 foreign jihadists in Somalia, including American and British nationals

Just a few, the jihadist leader said. "British and American fighters respond to jihad call in Somalia," by Tristan McConnell for the Times Online, May 23 (thanks to all who sent this in): Up to a thousand foreign fighters, including...

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Saturday, May 23, 2009

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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Somali jihadist leader acknowledges Eritrean support

Apparent confirmation of this story. "Somali insurgent leader says Eritrea supports fight," by Abdi Guled for Reuters, May 22 (thanks to Maxwell): MOGADISHU (Reuters) - An influential Somali insurgent leader said on Friday Eritrea supported the rebel fight against the...

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Nigerian Muslim says Allah warned U.S. about swine flu

How? By prohibiting the consumption of pork in the Koran. This is a manifestation of the kind of thinking that has led to the slaughtering of pigs in Egypt, the U.A.E., and elsewhere in the Islamic world. Even though the...

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Jihad terrorism = shoplifting

Two and a half years for aiding a jihad terror organization, and he walks immediately for time served. "'Toronto 18' man sentenced, then released from jail," from CTVNews, May 22 (thanks to Sounder): A judge has given the first person...

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Two Congressmen demand Uighur Gitmo jihadists be brought to U.S.

They were members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and were captured at an Al-Qaeda training camp. Bring them to the U.S.! Let McGovern and Delahunt put them up! "Lawmakers demand Guantanamo Uighurs move to US," from AFP, May 21...

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Obama: U.S. "went off course" in fighting terrorism

Obama's full speech at the National Archives can be found here. Among other things, Obama said: After 9/11, we knew that we had entered a new era – that enemies who did not abide by any law of war would...

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Toronto: Muslim files complaint after unbeliever says hello to his wife

The joys of multiculturalism in microcosm. Outrage over nothing, intimidation, cringing dhimmitude, naivete -- it's all here. "Hallway culture clash: In a Toronto apartment building, a feud has broken out over a neighbourly 'hello.' What hath multiculturalism wrought?," by Matthew...

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Pakistan: Heavy casualties in Peshawar cinema bombing

Wherever it goes, the Taliban forbids public entertainment (unless they think executions qualify), music, videos, and movies, so this attack is both an act of intimidation against Peshawar, where anxiety has already been high, and one of "commanding the right...

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Occupation: Iran may share rule over Temple Mount

Iran? What claim does Iran have to Jerusalem? Wouldn't this be a horrific, illegal, immoral occupation? "PA Peace Plan: Iran to Share Rule over Temple Mount," by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu for Israel National News, May 22 (thanks to Pamela): Israel...

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Fitzgerald: Obama needs book-learning, not real-life experience

A commenter at Jihad Watch has written of Barack ObamaÂ's "utter lack of real life experience as most of us know it in every facet of life..." He's had plenty of "real life experience." What he hasn't had is plenty...

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Muslim groups, including two unindicted co-conspirators, condemn NY synagogue jihad plot

Two unindicted co-conspirators in a Hamas jihad terror funding case, CAIR and ISNA, join the ADC, MPAC, and New York Muslim leaders in condemning the New York synagogue jihad plot. "N.Y. muslims [sic] denounce terror in response," by Gary Stern...

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Obama quashed Israel military option against Iran

"Perhaps Israel at one point had just a small window of opportunity to exercise the military option, or, in other words, the possibility of attacking sites in Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons." But that window has apparently...

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Fast Times at Disaster High

In "Fast Times at Disaster High," in The American Thinker today, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs skewers Obama's disastrous policies -- and the public indifference to them: The sick, slumbering American wakes up in his Obama tee shirt and boxers,...

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Fitzgerald: Obama is not a Muslim. He's a naif.

ObamaÂ's policies since he became President have revived suspicions that he is secretly a Muslim. He's not a Muslim. He's a naif. But so are a great many people in Washington. They are like high school kids who, when asked...

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"These are people who were eager to bring death to Jews and the Jewish community"

This update on the Bronx Synagogue Jihad story shows again the inveterate Jew-hatred that animates so much jihad activity. "'Terror' Thugs' Sick Bloodlust," by Rebecca Rosenberg, Murray Weiss and Dan Mangan in the New York Post, May 22 (thanks to...

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Why do jihadists love attacking Jews?

The Bronx and Morocco this week, and elsewhere, all over, on an ongoing basis -- and why is it that fanatical Muslims so relish attacking Jews? Is it really all about Israel? Anti-Semitism in the Islamic world has often been...

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Morocco: Jihadists planned to attack Jews

This case again demonstrates the intriguing uniformity with which jihadists far removed from one another "misunderstand" Islam's purported message of "tolerance." "Arrested Islamists planned to attack Jews in Morocco," from Agence France-Presse, May 21: RABAT (AFP) — A group of...

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Stop the presses! Palestinian Authority lying about Jews' historical ties to Jerusalem

War Is Deceit, said the prophet of Islam. "NGO: PA lying about Jews' ties to J'lem," by Etgar Lefkovits in the Jerusalem Post, May 21 (thanks to Weasel Zippers): The Palestinian Authority has unleashed an "unprecedented barrage of lies" negating...

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Fitzgerald: Islam, The Treaty of Hudaibiyya, And The Two-Stage Solution

I have asked before (see my article Â"Waiting for HudaibiyyaÂ") and I still want to know: what is keeping the editorial page writers for The Times, The Post, The Globe, The Daily Scream, from discovering the rules that, for Muslims,...

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Jihad Watch Digest

Jihad Watch Digest
Friday, May 22, 2009

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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NYC synagogue jihadist's uncle: "He wasn't raised this way. All this happened when he became a Muslim in prison."

And how many more have been similarly indoctrinated in U.S. prisons? An ideal outcome of this case would be a thorough re-evaluation of Islamic proselytizing in prisons, the appointment of chaplains, and the activity of inmates. But that is not...

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Christians riot, damaging shops and cars to protest Bibles burned in Afghanistan -- no, wait...

Actually, it wasn't Christians protesting the Bible-burning. It was Muslims protesting an alleged desecration of the Qur'an. "Muslims protest alleged Koran destruction in Greece," from Reuters, May 21 (thanks to Alexandre): Hundreds of Muslims marched through central Athens on Thursday,...

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Honor killing in Turkey: Like Romeo and Juliet, only more savage and barbaric

Second honor killing in a week in this region of Turkey. "Turkey: Honour Killing, Similar To Romeo and Juliet," from ANSAmed, May 21 (thanks to Insubria): (ANSAmed) - ANKARA, MAY 21 - A few days after the attempted honour killing...

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US Congress 1922 on Palestine: "Today it is a Jewish country"

Eli E. Hertz of the superb Myths and Facts site sends along this remarkable and forgotten Congressional resolution from 1922, prefaced by Hertz's letter to Barack Obama: Mr. President, Before putting together the final touches on your anticipated 'Peace Speech'...

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New York: Muslim, Jewish leaders to condemn terrorism, violence in wake of jihad plots against synagogues

Said Rabbi Schneier: Â"It is reassuring to hear the voices of Muslim leaders speaking out in solidarity with the Jewish community and unequivocally condemning acts of terrorism and violence.Â" Pardon me, but I would be more reassured if they were...

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Obama will imprison some Gitmo detainees in U.S.

Despite fierce opposition in Congress: they don't want to be on record having voted for this when one of these guys breaks out of an American prison and launches a jihad attack on American soil. "Obama says US prisons tough...

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Minneapolis Muslim pleads guilty to aiding Al-Qaeda

Still more jihad in America news. A "man," a "Minneapolis resident," a "naturalized Canadian citizen of Somali descent," for some unknown, unstated reason got mixed up with Al-Qaeda. Now why on earth would this man, this resident, this citizen, have...

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Mosque leader: Would-be Bronx synagogue bomber is Misunderstander of Islam

He doesn't explain, of course, how exactly the aptly-named Laguerre ("Amin") Payen misunderstands Islam. Have you ever noticed that Muslim spokesmen who make this claim never bother to explain it? We are just supposed to take their word for it...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026206.php>
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NYPD: Would-be Bronx synagogue bombers "wanted to commit jihad"

Said one of the jihadists: "If Jews were killed in this attack ... that would be all right." Another update on this story. "NYC police: Terror suspects wanted to commit jihad," from AP, May 21 (thanks to James): NEW YORK...

Full article: <http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/026205.php>
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Spencer on Mancow and the BBC

Just did a couple of segments on the Mancow show, talking about this and that, including the Bronx jihad arrests. You can hear today's show over at the Mancow site. Right after the Mancow segment ended the BBC called to...

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Obama: "If I had a Muslim summit, I think that I can speak credibly to them about the fact that I respect their culture"

And in the topsy-turvy world in which we live, that is what the learned analysts believe must be done. One region of the world is rife with calls to conquer and subjugate another region, and with prayers that the supreme...

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One in seven freed Guantanamo detainees returns to jihad

The Pentagon report containing this information has not been released thus far. Why? "Two administration officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said the report was being held up by Defense Department employees fearful of upsetting the White House." Uh,...

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Muslims who plotted to blow up Bronx synagogues were jailhouse converts to Islam

"The idea was to create a 'fireball that would make the country gasp.'" For more information on the jihad spreading in U.S. prisons, see here (thanks to Olivia). An update on this story. "FBI arrest four in alleged plot to...

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Spencer: Feminists Betray Muslim Women

Multiculturalism trumps women's rights. My column in FrontPage this morning: A feminist professor has once again passed up an opportunity to stand up for the human rights of Muslim women. Recently Dr. Laura Briggs, Associate Professor of WomenÂ's Studies and...

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Spencer: Obama, IsraelÂ's Great Friend?

In Human Events this morning I recap the Obama/Netanyahu meeting: During their press conference Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called Barack Obama a Â"great friend of IsraelÂ" and a Â"true friend of IsraelÂ" and thanked him for Â"your friendship...

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